High pressure rises this week after a stormy night for the Scottish islands

There are big north-south differences with our UK weather for Monday morning and it continues this week. The high pressures accumulate from the south bringing more stable conditions, not too cold and sometimes very mild, like today. Further north we start with wild weather for the Northern Isles, a yellow wind warning and Lerwick seeing a gust of 78 mph. For those who took their recycling out last night in Scotland, this might not be where they should be this morning.

The Western and Northern Islands experienced stormy weather overnight, but this is an example of how the predicted impacts of severe weather govern the warning level and therefore the storm naming. It was nighttime, not a peak travel time. Northwestern Scotland can take it. If these winds had hit London, the impacts would have been much greater. Due to the number of people, the climate, the configuration of the terrain, and the amount of things that could start to fly.

Coastal Waters Shetland – Southwesterly gale 8 to storm 10, diminishing from 6 to 8 gale. Sea State Moderate or rough with shelter from the east, otherwise very rough or high, becoming rough or very rough. Office met

This small but powerful Sunday night low continues to pull away northward this morning, deepening as it goes. The yellow wind warning is in effect until noon and ferry services are disrupted this morning. The leaking weather front is bringing rain to North Wales, North England and the Isle of Man this morning. This frontal limit keeps the air very mild to the south, still in double digits with more clouds. Further north, it is cooler today but clearer with sun, temperatures around 5 to 7 ° C and showers from the northwest.

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