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The former motorcycle racer, 40, returned last night for another episode of ‘Guy’s Garage’ on Channel 4. Guy, who trained as a heavy vehicle mechanic, modifies a Land Rover Defender for episode three from the Serie. Gasoline turns the vehicle into a speed machine capable of reaching up to 100 mph. Guy tests the off-road car on a dirt track in Wales but is almost deviated as the circuit is battered by torrential rain.

The star has previously spoken of his love of racing, including his passion for the grueling Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, in which he secured 17 podiums.

Guy’s participation in the annual event, considered one of the most dangerous in the sport, once saw him crash “dramatically” and break his back.

The huge crash of 2010 at the Ballagarey – or “Ballascary” – bend saw his Wilson Craig Honda Superbike crash into a fireball as it slid down the road.

However, far from dwelling on the crash, which happened on the third lap of the last TT race, Guy brushed off the crash saying “It wasn’t that bad”.

The star spoke humbly while chatting with BBC News the following year ahead of her appearance on the documentary “TT3D Closer To The Edge”.

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Guy said: “It looked really spectacular. There were a lot of flames and I was hospitalized for a while.

“I broke my back. It sounds pretty spectacular, but it really wasn’t.

“I spent a week in the hospital and a week off work. It wasn’t that bad.

Despite Guy’s nonchalant reference to the crash, he was airlifted to hospital fearing he had been seriously injured.

It was reported at the time that Guy had suffered bruises to his lungs and small fractures to his upper back.

He said: “I’ve only been wearing a breastplate for about a year and a half, but I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t worn it.

“I mean, I punctured a lung with it, imagine if I hadn’t used it.

“Then there’s my back protector – the impact was so strong that I still have bruises on my back that match the line of the back protector.

“I broke two vertebrae with this. It can’t bear to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t worn the armor.”

Guy said his crash happened at around 170mph, but TT racers can reach speeds of over 200mph.

The race’s 37.75-mile circuit is made up of fully public roads, which are converted to a race track for four weeks each summer.

‘Guy’s Garage’ is available on All 4.

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