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The Minister of Enterprise confirmed that every effort is being made to ensure that the TT proceeds as hoped next year.

The annual motorsport festival has not been able to take place for the past two years due to the ongoing pandemic.

However, Dr Alex Allinson has confirmed that the 2022 TT will go ahead, despite the absence of the usual “official” launch at MotorcycleLive – the bike show held at the NEC in Birmingham.

Dr Allinson said: ‘I and the government are committed to the event going as planned in 2022.

“As this will involve moving the current swab and testing center from the podium, Manx Care will need to identify an alternate location if widespread PCR testing is still required at that time.”

At this time, the grandstand testing center continues to experience heavy traffic.

Without a doubt, the Isle of Man may have moved to ‘alert level 2’ over the weekend, with a warning that a new strain of Covid-19 will arrive here ‘as soon as possible’ .

A number of other sites are under consideration to relocate the Covid-19 test center from the TT grandstand so that the motorsport festival can take place, if the need for testing is still present by the summer. next.

Elsewhere, preparations have started to help organize the big festival.

TT course clerk Gary Thompson last week told Manx Radio that the work to ensure the course is in top condition for the 2022 races is on track to be completed on time.

He stressed that it is essential to make early decisions regarding road closures around the course during the race.

He said: “There are a number of reasons for this.

“I obviously want to minimize disruption to the public as much as possible.

“Obviously we don’t want the marshals to stand out on points for longer than necessary and get cold and wet, and we obviously need to communicate as early as possible so that the riders aren’t left out. [stood around at the start line] I wonder what’s going on.

Meanwhile, discussions are underway to determine what the Manx Grand Prix will look like next year.

Like the TT, the event has been absent for two years. See the last page for more information.

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