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Rennie Scaysbrook | October 12, 2022

If there’s one race meeting you need to attend before you set off at sunset, it’s the Goodwood Revival in the UK.

The start from Le Mans marks the start of the Barry Sheene Memorial race in which Isle of Man TT rider James Hillier and teammate George Thomas dominated the first race.

Photograph by Jahn Photography

The modern era is exhausting. Seen through rose-tinted glasses, the past can look really, really rosy. The technological age we live in seems increasingly detached from reality, but what if I told you that there is a place where time seems to have stood still in the early 1970s? Would you like to make the trip?

I hope so, because such a place exists in the south of England.

The Goodwood Revival is the world’s premier historic racing meeting for cars and motorcycles, but it’s more than just a race. Period attire is mandatory – the ladies and their dresses, the gentlemen in all sorts of suits, racing suits, trousers and suspenders – and the machines that made motorsport what it is today. is a paradise for gasoline enthusiasts.

Ferrari 250 GTO at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Just a cheeky $70 million Ferrari 250 GTO cooling in the pits. Yes, it’s true. He’s worth $70 million and he was being driven to Goodwood.
Glamcab girls at the Goodwood Revival 2022
The Glamcab girls are some of the first you’ll see when you walk through the doors of Goodwood.
Warbirds at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Warbirds from the P51 Mustang to the Hawker Hurricane, numerous Spitfires and a 1943 Consolidated PBY were a feast for the eyes.

We followed Goodwood 2022 with BMW Motorrad to watch Eugene Laverty and his ultra-exotic 1929 BMW R57 Kompressor (supercharged) racer, but the racing was almost a sideshow to the sheer extravagance of the Goodwood Revival itself.

Our journey began in London and took us on BMW R 18 and R nineT machines north of Milton Keynes to visit the historic Marshall Amplification factory, the same factory that produced the amps that Jimmy Hendrix and Slash insisted on make them as famous as they have become.

Marshall’s connection to motorcycling comes from being the speaker supplier to the R 18 line of cruisers – the first edition R 18, Bagger and Transcontinental – and once we’d had our fill of musical mayhem in the purpose-built recording studio that had Rolling Stones and Metallica mixing desks, it was off to Oxford and the Mini Cooper factory.

BMW bought Mini in 1996 and led a transformation of the iconic British brand. Compared to the heady days of the 1960s, today’s Mini Cooper factory is light years ahead – robots do most of the work, from welding to painting to cutting – with hands people who take care of the electronics and the finishing work. It’s hard not to feel inferior to a robot that can work 24/7, let alone 60 robots in one place.

But the trip was really about the Goodwood Revival. It’s a place you really have to experience at least once in your life. Goodwood represents absolute sensory overload. NC

BMW Motorrad at the Goodwood Revival 2022
BMW Motorrad held a splendid celebration of its heritage with numerous displays of its classic motorcycles. They also sponsored the beer garden.
Eugene Laverty 2022 Goodwood Revival
Eugene Laverty at the controls of his 1929 BMW R57 Kompressor. Developing 75 horsepower and roaring at an incredible 131 decibels with a right-hand gear lever (and a right-hand throttle, no less), it was one of the main attractions motorcycles at Goodwood.
Hospitality at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Hospitality is done differently at Goodwood, with cabanas painted and decorated as if they were 60 years old.
Vintage Formula 1 at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Vintage Formula 1 cars were in abundance at Goodwood and organizers ran a few laps in each of Graham Hill’s Grand Prix cars to mark 60 years since his first world title. The sound of those runners all down the track together made the hair on your neck stand on end.
Barry Burrell at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Former 500cc Grand Prix rider Steve Parrish’s Barry Burrell and Norton Manx are blasted to the starting line.
Front right at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Maria Costello leads Howie Manwaring and Isle of Man TT legend Connor Cummins down the straight.
Paddock Goodwood Revival 2022
The pits are very crowded, but at least they are covered, which is more comfortable than the riders who rode these machines originally.
The BMW R 18 cruiser on its way to the Goodwood Revival 2022
BMW’s R 18 cruiser was an almost perfect steed to weave through the British hedgerows en route to Goodwood.
Marshall Amplification at the Goodwood Revival 2022
Much of the padding (and electronics) work in Marshall Amplification is still done by hand.
Mini Cooper factory at the Goodwood Revival 2022
The robot lords have well and truly arrived at the Mini Cooper factory in Oxford.
Eugene Laverty at the Goodwood Revival 2022
WorldSBK star Eugene Laverty looks decidedly pleased with the immaculate 1929 BMW R57 Kompressor before the start of the first race.
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