Former Isle of Wight man in Ukraine waits for his granddaughter’s passport

A former Isle of Wight man is waiting for a passport to be issued to his half-Ukrainian baby, the PA news agency reports.

The Foreign Office has advised British nationals in Ukraine to leave “while commercial means are still available”, due to what it calls a growing threat from Russia.

Scroll down for advice on the Foreign Office and contact details…

Investor Daniel Williams lives in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, with his four-month-old daughter and his Ukrainian wife.

Both parents have valid papers to travel but their daughter does not, PA says.

Mr Williams told the PA news agency: ‘We are waiting for the UK Embassy to issue a passport for my daughter so we can follow their own ‘urgent’ advice.

“Telling citizens to get out within 48 hours, but then telling them to apply for their passport through the website, (is) complete nonsense.”

Some embassy staff have been temporarily withdrawn and the UK government has warned it may not be able to help in the event of an invasion.

Reacting to the 45-year-old’s frustration, a spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office said: “We are doing everything we can to support all British families with surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine by this moment.”

Fears hang over a Russian invasion.

Russia denies plans to enter Ukraine, but the British government says satellite images appear to show a buildup of troops on the border.

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely said “war seems to be coming. Deterrence clearly wasn’t strong enough”.

In December, Mr Seely asked Parliament if it agreed that “regardless of whether Russia invades this month or this year”, Vladimir Putin seeks to “dismember Ukraine”, to “break NATO unity” and “cement Russian identity” as a state opposed to the west.

  • The Foreign Office said that if you need help leaving Ukraine, call +380 44 490 3660 or +44 (0) 1908 516666. Select the ‘consular services for UK nationals’ option . CLICK HERE
  • It says those who are an immediate family member of a British national normally living in Ukraine (a partner, a child under 18 or a parent), call +44 (0)300 3032785 for assistance. assistance under the Family Flyway program.

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