For Flying Fords, you can’t beat the Manx.

Our time machine goes back to the year 1979 tinged with nostalgia and Kodachrome, dropping us on a small spit of land in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man. You will know without a doubt that this island is the birthplace of the TT, the annual crazy motorcycle rally where riders play ping-pong between ancient rock faces and overgrown hedges at triple-digit speed. (If you haven’t seen pictures of the TT I’m not sure exactly what you do with your life, but it’s not right, brother).

But the Isle of Man also hosts an annual race of the four-wheeler variety, the Manx International Rally (now called Rally Isle of Man), and it’s equally spectacular, taking on the winding and narrow tarmac of the island.

Listen ! It is Go-Go Rally !, a hit of vintage rally footage to send you flying aside into the weekend.

While most Rally Go Go! the columns cover more context for each of these gatherings, it’s a lot less interesting in this case than just soaking up the vintage images here. This video covers a few selected corners of the rally and simply shows the competitors parading in procession. Murray Walker’s heartfelt excitement is above the footage (editor’s note: we miss you a lot, Murray), and it’s all filled with the sound of the revvy, howling inline-four (and the Rover V -8 occasional).

Of course, there are a few sound bites from one competitor or another, as the Manx attrition rate bites into the car and driver realm. But above all, this sequence is a visual feast, supported by an absolutely delicious soundtrack. If you’ve even got a passing interest in boxy Fords with outrageous bolt-on fender flares, well, you’ll enjoy every second of that action from the Manx.

For more stock footage, check out VHS Rallies on YouTube, an unrivaled treasure trove of vintage rally footage.

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