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The government says its measures to help businesses have created 284 jobs.

The Department for Business has offered over £6.7million in financial support to local businesses through the Financial Aid Scheme in the 2020/21 financial year, independent of any Covid-19 support.

That £6.7million can be awarded over two years.

The Enterprise Act Annual Report 2008 for 2020/2021 (Enterprise Act Annual Report) was published on the Register of Companies ahead of the March Tynwald sitting and details key results of funding, training and support programs advisory that are administered by the department, focusing on specifically on the financial aid program.


In addition to this, the report presents key statistics from the department-administered business emergency support programs that provided financial support to businesses during difficult business times throughout the pandemic.

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Minister for Enterprise, said: “The main aim of the department’s financial aid program has always been to create jobs and grow the economy.

“This year’s figures are a demonstration of this philosophy in practice, creating over 200 jobs, which provide economic benefits to the island, while protecting over 1,500 existing roles, each helping to keep our economy strong. and diversified.

“While an investment of over £6.7million is undoubtedly a significant figure, the report states that the return on investment from this funding will be repaid to the island within three years, private expenditure notwithstanding. additional that are brought by the companies.

“Combined, these contributions provide additional investment in our Isle and help to establish long-term strategic planning for the future of the Isle of Man.”

In the last financial year, the Financial Aid Scheme (and associated grants) committed over £6.7million to start and grow businesses on the Isle of Man in the years to come .

national insurance

This funding has created 284 jobs on the island, which have been valued to provide the island with over £2.3m extra a year in tax and national insurance revenue.

On top of that, helping these businesses invest in expanding and improving their operations means that the funding protects 1,965 jobs on the island, which combined contribute more than £26m each year in protected tax contributions.

In addition, support provided through the Financial Assistance Scheme has helped stimulate over £12.7m of private investment which has been fed back into the Manx economy.

The Enterprises Act Annual Report 2020/21 also outlines the financial support that has been administered by the Department of Business as part of the Isle of Man’s Covid-19 response.

From March 2020 to November 2021, the Department for Business administered over £26.9 million in financial relief through Covid-19 business support measures spread across 15 support schemes and funding rounds.

During this period, the business support team handled over 10,000 Covid-19 related inquiries and made over 10,500 payments throughout the pandemic.

In addition to this, in the 2020/21 financial year, the Enterprise Department’s Micro Business Grants Scheme trained 211 people, administering grants to 122 local entrepreneurs worth over £650,000.

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Image for article titled After Log4j, open source software is now a national security issue

Photo: Dünzlullstein bild (Getty Images)

For years, developers of free and open source software have said all those who listen that their projects need better financial assistance and better supervision. Now, after a number of disastrous incidents involving open source code, the feds and Silicon Valley may finally be listening.

A Encounter At the White House on Thursday, executives from some of the biggest tech companies met with administration officials to discuss the need for better security in the open source community. The list of attendees included big names like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and Apple, among others.

Unlike proprietary software, ohpen source software is free, publicly viewable, and can be used or modified by anyone. Due to the usefulness of open source tools, large companies often use them for development purposes. Corn, unfortunately, open source projects need to be monitored and funded to stay secure, and they don’t always get it. For years, open source developers have complained that their software needs better support from Big Tech and other institutional players, an issue that is finally getting mainstream attention.

It’s not hard to see why the White House called its meeting right now. Just a month or two ago a pernicious bug was found in the popular open-source Apache logging library log4j. The troubled program, which is used by just about everyone, caused widespread panic in the tech industry as companies rushed to fix systems and products that depended on the library to succeed. (Apache Software Foundation officials were also present at Thursday’s meeting.)

Log4j isn’t the only open source debacle to happen lately. Just last week, the creator of two widely used software tools inexplicably decided disable them via a number of weird software updates. Marak Squires, the man behind popular JavaScript libraries False and Colors, strangely blitzed programs and managed to take down thousands of other software projects that depended on them for success.

In short: there is clearly room for improvement and, thankfully, attendees at the recent White House meeting appear quite favorable to that. At the meeting, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan apparently called open source software a “key national security issue.” Likewise, Google President of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker issued a statement on the company’s blog on Thursday, saying he wanted to see better support for the open source community.

“For too long, the software community has comforted itself with the assumption that open source software is generally secure because of its transparency and the assumption that ‘many eyes’ are watching to detect and fix problems” , Walker said. “But in fact, while some projects have a lot of eyes on them, others have few or none at all.”

In his statement, Walker further suggests increased public and private support for open source projects, the establishment of security and testing baselines, and the development of a rubric to identify “critical” projects – the type which is widely used (i.e., probably something like log4j).

Exactly what the government and other members of Big Tech have in mind for better open source security isn’t entirely clear at this point, but the fact that they’re talking about it seems like a good sign.

Make time for more vacation: enjoy the great outdoors or take on the Wild West in an old-fashioned “shootout” Thu, 13 Jan 2022 20:00:00 +0000

With several scenic nature walks to explore, there’s no better way to truly experience Sentosa than on foot. These nature trails are suitable for hikers of all ages, so gather the family or your best friends for a day of exploring together.

Start your hike at Sentosa Nature Discovery, located at Imbiah Lookout, which brings you to Mount Imbiah, a forested hill that is one of Sentosa’s two protected natural areas. Cruise through 2.3 km of lush vegetation, wildlife animal models, and man-made structures that make perfect spots for photo ops. The area is also home to 80 different species of resident and migratory birds, so keep your eyes peeled and your phone cameras ready.

After completing the Imbiah trail, you will find yourself at Siloso Point, which marks the start of your exploration of Fort Siloso, just a 5 minute walk away. The Fort Siloso Skywalk, which leads to the entry point of the fort, offers stunning panoramic views of Sentosa as well as neighboring islands in the distance.

Once you’ve reached the fort itself, choose between the Heritage Trail, which takes you on a journey through time to the events leading up to Japanese occupation, or the Gun Trail, with impressive replicas of coastal guns that were in action during the Battle of Singapore.

Ulster GP of Northern Ireland returns for centenary in 2022 Thu, 13 Jan 2022 19:34:00 +0000

Motorcycle road racing is back on the calendar in 2022. After two years of battling COVID-19 restrictions, the North West 200 will return on May 8, 2022 and the Isle of Man TT (IOMTT) will return on May 28 2022. While the IOMTT and the North West 200 have been in the lead for some time now, the Northern Ireland Grand Prix in Ulster is not a given.

Even before the pandemic wreaked havoc on road racing, the Ulster GP was struggling to pay its bills. As a result, the organization entered into a voluntary agreement to repay their £300,000 debt to creditors in 2019. Unfortunately, this resulted in the Ulster Grand Prix winners not receiving the promised prize after the 2019 event .

To help the struggling organization get back on its feet, former North West 200 Events Director Mervyn Whyte teamed up with road racing legend Philip McCallen to form the Revival Racing Motorcycle Club. Thanks to the organisation’s efforts, the Ulster Grand Prix is ​​set to return to the Dundrod Circuit of Northern Ireland for its 100th anniversary in 2022.

“We understand the unique appeal of the Ulster Grand Prix for riders and fans alike, and are delighted to bring racing back to this famous track,” the Revival Racing Motorcycle Club said in a statement released. “It’s been a very uncertain time for the sport due to the coronavirus and we can’t wait to hear the bikes hitting the flying kilo again this summer.”

In 2019, IOMTT winner Peter Hickman lapped the Dundrod circuit with an average speed of 136.4 mph. This top speed allowed the Ulster Grand Prix to snatch the “world’s fastest road race” from the IOMTT. As riders charge the “Flying Kilo” again in 2022, riders and fans alike are thrilled the show is back.

“For the fans and for the sport it’s good because, along with the Isle of Man TT and the North West 200, it’s one of the iconic road races with its own place in the calendar,” explained Ulster GP winner Lee Johnson. “One hundred years is a milestone for any major sporting event and to have the North West back but not ‘Ulster’ would have felt a bit odd.”

However, with the Ulster Grand Prix’s past financial problems, riders like Hickman and Johnson are reluctant to commit to racing at this time. Only time will tell if the best road racing talent will return to the Ulster GP grid, but the new series will release new details in the near future.

“We are indebted to the volunteers of the Ulster Grand Prix for their collaboration and hard work in bringing this famous race into its centenary,” the Revival Racing Motorcycle Club statement concluded. “More details on the week-long race week program will be announced soon.”

Fed vice-presidential candidate Lael Brainard calls inflation ‘too high’ Thu, 13 Jan 2022 15:24:00 +0000

Lael Brainard, a Federal Reserve governor whom President Biden named the new central bank vice chair, told lawmakers the central bank would use its policies to tame inflation in prepared remarks for her confirmation hearing on Thursday. .

Ms. Brainard, who faces a check before the Senate Banking Committee, is expected to garner considerable support among Democrats and could garner Republican votes, although the number is unclear at this stage.

His appointment — and his new role at the Fed if confirmed by the Senate — comes at a tough economic time. Although unemployment is falling rapidly, inflation has taken off, with a report released on Wednesday showing a key price index rose in December at the fastest rate since 1982.

“We are seeing the strongest rebound in growth and the decline in unemployment of any recovery in the past five decades,” Ms. Brainard said. “But inflation is too high and workers across the country are worried about how high their paychecks will go.”