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Agreement accepted by another union – the NAHT – earlier this month

A union which represents teachers in the Isle of Man has rejected a second ‘full and final’ pay offer made by the Isle of Man government.

The NASUWT says it wants to see island-specific wage bargaining arrangements introduced and an end to the wage link with England.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Education presented an offer which included the introduction of an Isle of Man weighting, similar to that offered to teachers in London, in recognition of the Manx economy and the cost of living on the island.

In a statement, the NASUWT said: “With CPI inflation at 9% (IOM figure from April), the overall wage increase of 3.6% represents a reduction in wages in real terms of at least 5.4% for the majority of our members.

“This represents the largest annual reduction in real terms since 2010.

“When the proposed pay is added to the current pay points, a significant number of teachers move to a high pension contribution bracket, reducing the offer by at least 1%.

“The variable percentage pay increase that sees those in the lower pay brackets receiving the most is extremely divisive given that those in the higher pay bracket have been hit the hardest by the erosion. of their salary over the past 12 years.

“There is no acknowledgment in the offer of how to deal with the historic erosion over the past 12 years that the NASUWT has identified and demonstrated to be 30%.

“We reaffirm that a multi-year salary reward must be put in place to restore teachers’ salaries to 2010 levels.”

The National Association of Head Teachers voted to accept the offer. You can find out more HERE.

More information on the Isle of Man

Government shows progress of £70m ferry terminal Wed, 25 May 2022 16:02:30 +0000

The new Liverpool ferry terminal continues to progress.

A progress photo taken at the site of the Isle of Man ferry terminal in Liverpool last week shows the steel construction of the security and check-in buildings.

Photos taken earlier show glazing being installed on the exterior facade of the main terminal building, where floor slabs are being poured.

The design of the building revolves around a circular flow of passengers.

Those wishing to board the ferry on foot will enter the terminal through the east entrance and exit of the building, ascend to the first floor via an escalator or elevator, and then continue along the first floor to the boarding bridge at the south end.

Vehicle passengers will check in separately and wait in their vehicle.

Arriving passengers will disembark through the walkway, descend an escalator or elevator, and proceed along the ground floor to the exit.

With the cost of the terminal originally forecast in the region of £38m, it has since been brought back to Tynwald to approve additional funding of £32,621,921 in December to enable the site to be completed.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall said at the time that overspending on the project was nothing short of a disaster and scathing criticism of the department’s handling by the members were justified.

However, he then warned that walking away having already spent £40million would be a mistake.

Now costing the government more than £70.6m, the facility is due to be completed in June 2023 after suffering multiple setbacks from the pandemic.

One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years Wed, 25 May 2022 14:54:00 +0000

Image for article titled One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years

Photo: Bring a trailer

This morning I found myself doing my regular car sales website scrolls when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. At first glance, it looked like people were bidding on a wooden crate on Bring a Trailer for $35,000. Then it hit me, it’s not just a crate. Beyond those wooden walls is an unassembled 2002 Ducati MH900e, one of the hottest Ducati ever to hit the road.

Ducati is known for creating functional works of art and picking just one is a torturous exercise at best. Some Ducati fans refer to the 916 as the manufacturer’s finest. Others might throw the Panigale V4 over there. But if you want your heart to melt, a Ducati stands above them all: the MH900e.

Let me make your heart leap like someone who’s madly in love:

Image for article titled One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years

Now that I have your attention, you’re probably wondering why this first machine looks like it’s time-skipped from the 1970s.

The MH900e started life as a sketch that was presented at the International Motorcycle Show (INTERMOT) in 1998. As reported by Silodrome, designer Pierre Terblanche was inspired by the 900SS ridden to victory in the Isle of Man TT in 1978. This race bike was ridden to an unexpected victory by none other than Mike Hailwood, a famous racer who had retired from mainstream racing for 11 years at the time. The MH900e pays homage to Hailwood’s 900SS and does so with impeccable style.

Image for article titled One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years

Ducati decided to measure interest in the bike by publishing a questionnaire on its website. Remember, this was in the late 1990s, when Internet users listened to the wonderful sounds of dial-up modems and heard “You’ve got mail!” once online. A questionnaire back then was something different.

The public loved the MH900e and wanted their own, so Ducati decided to put the bike into production, limiting it to just 2,000 units. In another departure from the norm, the MH900e was also sold online through Ducati’s website. The orders went online on January 1, 2000 at midnight one minute. Although the era was in the infancy of the internet, the bike sold out in just 31 minutes.

One was crated and shipped to Rockville Harley-Davidson in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Image for article titled One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years

Photo: Bring a trailer

If you’re wondering how a new Ducati ends up at a Harley dealership, you’re not alone. The dealership is part of Battley Cycles, which includes BMW and Ducati.

The bike remained in its crate and unsold ever since. Taking a look at the images in the Bring A Trailer section SEOthis MH900e is even still covered with the plastic in which it was packed at the factory.

Image for article titled One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years

Photo: Bring a trailer

Buried somewhere in that crate is a Ducati 904cc air-cooled L-twin. This engine is good for 74 hp and 56 lb-ft of torque. It’s bolted to a trellis frame that uses the engine as the stressed member. The listing indicates that this motorcycle was in no way prepared for delivery. In fact, the odometer mileage isn’t even known since no one bothered to power it up.

If the buyer ever chooses to open the crate and build the bike, they will first find what appears to be minor paint rub damage.

Image for article titled One of the hottest Ducatis ever was trapped in this crate for 20 years

Photo: Bring a trailer

It would be nothing compared to having to wake up an engine that had been idle for 20 years. You’ll be dealing with all kinds of old rubber, from belts to all kinds of gaskets and hoses. And I hope the motor itself is not stuck.

The MH900 Evoluzione cost around $18,000 when new, or $30,829 in today’s money. A 1,400 mile MH900e sold by the seller this month has left for $41,000 while one with just 2 miles sold for $43,224. The price to have one still new in its crate? It is currently $35,000 with six days to go on Bring a Trailer.

Dick Welsh appointed new Isle of Man Commissioner for Northern Lighthouse Board Wed, 25 May 2022 09:56:39 +0000

Dick Welsh has been appointed as the new Isle of Man Commissioner (non-executive director) of the Northern Lighthouse Board, the general lighthouse authority responsible for Scottish and Manx waters.

Mr Welsh, who was awarded an MBE in the January 2020 Honors List for service to the maritime community on the Isle of Man and around the world, will serve for a three-year term, from 1 June 2022 to 31 May 2025.

Mike Bullock, Managing Director of the Northern Lighthouse Board, said: “We are really looking forward to welcoming Dick to the NLB. From a Merchant Navy Cadet to a serving Engineering Officer and most recently as Director of the Isle of Man Register of Ships, Dick’s impressive career at sea and in leadership positions ashore means that he will be a wonderful addition to our Board of Commissioners.

“This is a unique role that offers the opportunity to contribute to the strategic leadership and governance of NLB, in providing an essential safety service to all seafarers.”

Commenting on his appointment to the NLB, Dick Welsh said: “I am incredibly fortunate to be appointed Isle of Man Commissioner for the Northern Lighthouse Board. I’m really looking forward to getting involved and becoming a valuable board member.

“I had a long association with the NLB lights. As a boy, I spent summers in Langness where a family friend had been a caretaker. That association went further when I dated the daughter of “a keeper of Langness. When posted to Muckle Flugga I spent 3 glorious weeks there one summer and visited the lighthouse. Even today I often spend time at Langness, Point of Ayre or fishing at Chicken’s Rock.

As Commissioner, Mr. Welsh will help provide non-executive leadership, challenge, oversight and support to the management team through regular board and committee meetings, as well as participating visits to NLB operational sites across Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The appointment will take effect from June 1, 2022.

The Global Maritime Club Summit will debut in Posidonia Tue, 24 May 2022 12:19:37 +0000

Scheduled by Seatrade Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Chris Hayman, the summit will be preceded by a keynote address by Minister Giannis Plakiotakis, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Island Policy, Hellenic Republic.

Greece remains the largest ship-owning country in the world as the country continues to increase its share of the fleet controlled by the European Union (EU).

“… It is impressive that a country like Greece, which represents only 0.16% of the world’s population, has 20% of the world’s tonnage available on ships.

We Greeks are proud of our expedition. A maritime industry that participates effectively and dynamically in the global economy by transporting goods and products to all corners of the globe with a modern merchant fleet, contributing significantly to global prosperity and development…” said Mr. Plakiotakis.

According to Emma Howell, Director of Digital and Business Content, Seatrade Maritime, the summit was created to focus on two key areas that impact everyone in the industry: digitalization and the future of shipping. .

“Chris’ in-depth knowledge of the industry has allowed us to create a summit that will stand out as rich thought leadership, but also a lively panel discussion.”

The first session – Digitalization Demystified – will seek to demystify the digitalization process, identifying its potential benefits as an enabler of sustainable and optimized performance and considering the steps needed to ensure a return on investment.

Confirmed speakers include: Jesse Brink, President and CEO, ioCurrents; Sean Fernback, President, Wartsila Voyages; Mike Konstantinidisco-founder and CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology; Stephen Macfarlane – Director of Information Systems, V.Group; Andrew McKeranDirector of Maritime Performance Services, Lloyd’s Register; Ben Palmer OBE, President, Inmarsat Marine and Caroline Yang, Managing Director, Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd; Chairman, Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) and Board Member, ICS Singapore.

The afternoon session – All on Deck: Shaping the future of shipping – which is generating great interest, begins with a focus on “A new waiver for seafarers? “.

“If the shipping industry is to succeed in meeting the challenges it faces in the years to come, business realignment, decarbonisation and digitalisation will mean that its seagoing workforce will play a crucial role in making it happen” , said Emma Howell. “Recent experience, including the pandemic, has had a sometimes devastating effect on seafarers’ well-being and morale, highlighting structural issues such as crew turnover. How the industry and the society at large can and should respond, so that the seafarers of the world enjoy the conditions and, just as importantly, the status they deserve as essential workers in a vital global industry?

Speakers include: Andreas HadjipetrouChief Commercial Officer and Group Managing Director, Columbia Shipmanagement; Henrik JensenManaging Director, Danica Maritime Services GmbH; John McDonald – Executive Vice-President – Deputy Managing Director, ABS; Despina Panayiotou TheodosiusPresident, WISTA; John Platsidakis, Honorary President, Intercargo and Guy Platten – Secretary General, International Chamber of Shipping.

The second part of this focus area – A Better Life at Sea – examines what more can be done to support and improve the physical and psychological well-being of seafarers, as well as how the shipping industry maritime is in competition to recruit the next generation of seafarers and to ensure that it retains its existing workforce. What is the sailor’s role and career vision that will attract the first-class talent he needs? What is the role and responsibility of maritime education in achieving this?

Speakers include: Dominique CarlucciChairman and CEO, MarTrust; Doctor Konstantinos PoulisCEO, Epsilon; Pierre SchellenbergerVice-President Supply Chain, Thome Group; Valentinos SteliouChief Innovation Officer, Mintra Ltd and David Taylor CEng. FIMarEST FITOL, Head of the course, Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.

The day-long summit concludes with an invitation-only networking reception hosted by the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

“Thank you to Posidonia for allowing us this platform for such important discussions and to our sponsors: ClassNK; ioCurrents; Lloyd’s Maritime Academy; Mintra Ltd. ; Wärtsilä Voyage and Isle of Man Ship Register,” added Emma Howell.

The one-day summit will be held on Thursday 9and June in the Posidonia Conference Room and is free on a first come, first registered basis.

For more details and to register for this highly requested summit, please visit:

In this week’s Isle of Man Examiner: Should dog owners clean up after their pets have urinated? Tue, 24 May 2022 06:06:34 +0000

The Isle of Man Examiner leads this week with a story written following the death of a cyclist on a road that had Celtic markings that were unusual at the time.

Her parents speak to reporter Gemma Nettle after her investigation.

In the aftermath of Dr Rosalind Ranson’s Labor Court, journalist Siobhan Fletcher spoke to the Chief Minister.

She also keeps readers up to date with the rest of the new developments.

In our MHK column, Juan Watterson talks about his plan to reform the public sector.

Ramsey MHK Alex Allinson will introduce legislation to allow terminally ill adults to seek medical assistance in dying.

A campaign has been launched in Ramsey to persuade dog owners not only to dispose of their pets’ feces, but also their urine.

The former chief clinical nurse at Castle View Nursing Home in Peel, Ruth Pugh, has been struck off following charges involving six residents.

Despite planning officers’ initial recommendation to turn it down, plans for a £6million swimming pool and 50m sports complex on the grounds of King William’s College were given the green light.

Meanwhile, the bar at Fynoderee Distillery in Ramsey has won its planning fight to extend opening hours and provide outdoor seating.

Two well-known Isle of Man residents have appeared on this year’s Sunday Times rich list.

Offender Paul Clint Shields appeared in court and admitted possessing £1,762 worth of heroin after it was found in his buttocks.

Seven in 10 women say there is a general lack of support and understanding around menopause – and the issue is being addressed by the Chamber of Commerce.

In our Word on the Street feature, journalist Tom Curphey asked people what they expected from the TT.

Father and daughter William Peter Hay and Rachel Jayne Hay, who committed benefits fraud, have been convicted.

Another benefits fraudster, Kathryne Marie Hill, who did not say her partner lived with and supported her, was also punished.

The latest pictures of the Manx taxpayer funded Liverpool terminal development.

Our series of images show some of the highlights of Manx life each week. In today’s paper we have the Castletown Park Picnic and the Race the Sun event.

David Cretney writes about Raina Chatel, whose term as mayor is over, as well as the old bakeries and concerts at the Lido.

Liquid manure is a big novelty at the moment, our farmer friends will agree. For our food and agriculture pages, Julie Blackburn talks to the Coole family about it.

Also on the pages, when TT winners take to the podium this year, the magnums presented to them for the traditional celebratory spray will contain locally made Foraging Vintners rhubarb fizz.

In Working Week, 3FM’s Ron Berry takes on a new role after the commercial radio station is sold.

Our first page from the past is a TT Special from 1959, the era of Geoff Duke.

For our charity feature, Siobhan Fletcher interviews Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust Chairman Andrew Scarffe.

The success of FC Isle of Man is the main story on the back page.

There are 10 sports pages in all.

There is also our letter page, crosswords, a television guide and community news.

The Isle of Man Examiner is in stores now.

You don’t need to go to a store to buy a copy.

You can also read it online if you buy the digital edition.

🌱 I-5 closure near Oceanside + Maverick visits Top Gun House Tue, 24 May 2022 02:50:00 +0000

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First, today’s weather forecast:

Rather sunny and pleasant. High: 70 Low: 59.

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Here are today’s top five stories at Oceanside-Camp Pendleton:

  1. KOCT recently interviewed each of the candidates vying for the 49th congressional district for the 2022 edition of the North County Roundtable with hosts Kent Davy and Alison St John. In this fourth episode, host Kent Davy interviews the 49th Congressional District Candidate Josiah O’Neill. (Oceanside-Camp Pendleton Patch)
  2. Oceanside has miles of beaches, an emerging craft beer scene, and an epic weekly food festival. If the word “suburb” conjures up images of gated communities with manicured lawns and a Costco close, but not close enough, Oceanside, California, that’s not it. San Diego’s northernmost suburb had, for years, been barely a speck on the road from Los Angeles to San Diego, with a downtown area that could politely be described as “disreputable.” (Thrillist)
  3. Maverick and Goose visit Oceanside’s Top Gun house. On Friday, May 27, the sequel to the movie Top Gun will finally be released. CBS 8 is celebrating the highly anticipated film with our very own Top Gun Week. In this Zevely Zone, Goose and Maverick visited the Top Gun House in Oceanside. (CBS News 8)
  4. A 62-year-old man killed last month in an accident on I-5 near Camp Pendleton has been identified as a resident of Los Angeles County, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office. Lonnie Maddox, who lived in Carson, was a passenger in a Jeep that crashed on northbound I-5 just north of the Oceanside city limits on April 25, according to the medical examiner’s office. (The San Diego Union-Tribune)
  5. the Oceanside Public Library hosts new photo exhibit by award-winning multimedia journalist and US Marine Corps veteran Amy Forsythe. The exhibit is based on his new book, “Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines Since 9/11,” which chronicles the war memorials and tributes located at the sprawling northern San County military training facility. Diego. (EIN News)

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Today at Oceanside-Camp Pendleton:

  • Reform California – North County Veterans Association (6 p.m.)
  • DPAC/DELAC meeting – Oceanside High (6 p.m.)

From my notebook:

  • City of Oceanside – Government“Warning for tonight: Crews will be closing ALL northbound I-5 lanes from Carlsbad Village Drive to SR 78 to temporarily relocate the overhead sign structure. #Oceanside” (Facebook)
  • Oceanside City Public Library: “Congratulations to our new Library Manager, CJ Di Mento! CJ served as Library Division Manager for several years, served as the Mission Branch Library Manager and oversaw its renovation. His work with awareness, programming and literacy i…” (Facebook )
  • City of Oceanside – Government: “Check out the progress. Measure X is funding the construction of the Oceanside Fire Department Training Tower on Jones Road. OFD will have state-of-the-art technology to train on realistic structural and rescue scenarios to continue …” (Facebook )
  • City of Oceanside Parks and Recreation: “We’ve added an additional Musical Theater and Dance Camp this summer! 🎭 Students will participate in fun drama games, get actors, learn acting lines and scenes, and a final dance routine from SING 2 d ‘Illumination to interpret the A.. ‘ (Facebook)
  • MCCS Camp Pendleton – Libraries: “Fake It or Bake It is back! And better than ever!!! If you’re a teen or tween looking to do something involving rivalry and baking, then this is the event for you! Sign up for the following link, if you wish to participate: https://…” (Facebook)
  • Oceanside Chamber of Commerce: “New Member Monday! Welcome to the Andaman Massage Institute at the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce! The Andaman Massage Institute is committed to preparing graduates for a career in the field of massage therapy by qualified teachers. Andaman Ins…” (Facebook)

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Hangin’ At Emerald Isle Golf Course: The Oceanside Pic of the Day

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  • Breast ultrasound screening comes directly to you! (May 26)
  • The fake fighters | A tribute to the Foo Fighters | Filmspeed Alt Rock Originals (May 28)
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  • Retirement Tax Webinar (June 6)
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Man raped by drug dealer over unpaid debt in Isle of Man, police say | United Kingdom | News Mon, 23 May 2022 09:28:00 +0000

The 30-year-old sex attacker was not charged due to the 22-year-old victim’s lack of cooperation, fearing reprisals. It happened on the Isle of Man, which police say is overrun with drug gangs, many of them from Merseyside.

Tanya August-Hanson MLC, prosecuting in a drug case in Island Court, said: ’22-year-old boy raped by 30-year-old man over debt of less than £500.

And Gary Roberts, Isle of Man Constabulary Chief Constable, said: ‘The young man’s rape was typical of situations that arise in relation to drug debts. And these issues are not exclusive to certain areas from the island.

“Middle-class families have experienced some of these issues.”

Such violence on the Isle of Man is a direct result of the drug economy, reports Echo of Liverpool.

Chief Cons Roberts added: “From a criminal point of view they are very good at what they do. The model is similar but not identical to County Lines. Established Merseyside gangs will use criminals on the island of Man to sell drugs for them.”

Ms August-Hanson read a moving letter from the parents of the rape victim to the court.

“The impact on parents is terrible,” he said.

“Anxiety about the youngster and the difficulty of dealing with related situations can divide couples. Parents often withdraw thousands of pounds from their own savings to pay off a child’s debt.

“Teenagers end up lashing out at their siblings and parents because of the stress of their situation – even in the nicest homes. This is not a problem isolated to ‘poor’ areas. It is a poison that flows throughout the island.

“A dealer will give the child a ket or beak to try. They are usually older teenagers or in their early twenties.

“Some young dealers at the lower levels have completely normal jobs in banks, or trades like carpentry or painting and decorating. I use the word child to reflect the naivety and vulnerability of the youngster. if they have tried ket (ketamine) and or coke (cocaine) they will have to pay for it.As soon as they don’t have the money to pay, they are given shares to sell.

“Never think for a moment ‘it’s just weed and my teenager will grow out of it’. The weed on sale today has the strength of what used to be called skunk.”

Last year, some £42,000 of this cannabis was seized from a 12-year-old boy in the Isle of Man.

Authorities say gang leaders often use children to smuggle drugs.

Chief Cons Roberts continued: “I’ve been in policing for decades and I know that outside of London Merseyside has always been the center of the drug trade.

“But fortunately we work closely with Merseyside Police and the North West Regional Crime Unit and have their full support. The Isle of Man has always been a very safe place to live and we want it to stay that way.”

2022 Suzuki Live To Parade Sheene 500cc GP Racebikes at Cadwell Park Sat, 21 May 2022 21:51:58 +0000

Freddie Sheen (#7). Photo by Charles Robertson.

Despite Suzuki’s recent proposal to withdraw from MotoGP at the end of this 2022 season, the truth is that the Japanese factory is steeped in top-class world championship road racing, and always will be. Even before the legendary era of Kevin Schwantz in the early 1990s, Suzuki in fact reached the pinnacle of the blue-ribbon 500cc class world championship in the mid-1970s. two-stroke engines. The roar of a two-stroke engine and the smell of burning Castrol R oil is incredibly evocative to anyone who witnessed racing from that era.

Suzuki Live 2022: two-stroke race bikes
1977. Photo by James Wright.

The power produced by these simple machines was extraordinary, and relatively simply obtained. Because of this relative simplicity, the motorcycles were also very light. Due to the radical tuning needed to win, the powerbands of these engines were very narrow and very high in the rev range. So, race bikes from the mid-’70s through the start in 2002 of the current four-stroke MotoGP era had light-switch-like on-off power deliveries. There were no electronic aids, so the bikes were extremely difficult to ride fast. Suffice it to say there were a lot of upsides.

Suzuki Live 2022: Barry Sheene
Barry Sheen

Barry Sheene was a true Suzuki legend. Born in central London in 1950, Barry’s father, Frank, was a racing bike tuner. When Barry tried his hand at running, he turned out to be a natural. He has become a household name in England. If you were pulled over for speeding back then on a motorcycle, the cop was more than likely to ask, “Who do you think you are then?” Barry Sheene? An infamous 178 mph takeoff off Daytona’s High Rim in 1975 nearly killed Sheene. Yet despite career-threatening injuries, he was back at Cadwell Park some six weeks later.

1976 Barry Sheene Suzuki

The following year, Suzuki came up with a truly radical concept that ended Yamaha’s inline-four dominance in the 500 class – the Suzuki RG500 square-four. The all-new Suzuki had incredible power with a nice handling delivery. He also performed very well and, in the hands of Sheene, he escaped with the world championship.


Not satisfied with complete dominance, Sheene followed suit in 1977 with the same result. Unfortunately, for Suzuki fans, 1978 saw the appearance of Kenny Roberts on the 500cc world championship scene for Yamaha. Indeed, King Kenny won the next three titles on a Yamaha YZR500, not without serious fights with Sheene on his Suzuki RG500.


Sheene’s career finally came to an end in 1984 and he died of throat cancer in 2003 at the too young age of 52. Nevertheless, the legend of Barry Sheene and the Suzuki RG500 lives on.


To its credit, Suzuki has restored many of the Sheene-era RG500s to running condition through Suzuki’s vintage parts program. The race bikes will be on display at the 2022 Suzuki Live event, which takes place on June 10 at Cadwell Park circuit in Lincolnshire, England, 125 miles north of London near the North Sea coast. Barry Sheene’s son, Freddie, and Suzuki racing legend, Stuart Graham will lead the Barry Sheene tribute laps on the five iconic Grand Prix Sheene race bikes at Suzuki Live 2022. It’s not all 500 The Suzuki RT67 raced in the 125cc World Championship by Stuart Graham in 1967, before being bought by Sheene in 1970 and raced in the Grand Prix in 1971, will also race.


Freddie Sheene will ride the last Suzuki Grand Prix bike ridden by his father, the famous 1984 XR45 delivered by DAF Trucks. The parade will be completed by the 1976 and 1977 World Championship-winning Heron Suzuki RG500s, as well as a big-bore RG500 that Sheene has raced in the Transatlantic Trophy series each year.Suzuki Live 2022: Barry Sheen in actionIf you are lucky enough to find yourself in Cadwell Park on June 10th during the Suzuki Live 2022 event, not only will you be able to witness the aforementioned spectacular parade lap, but you will also be able to participate in track sessions for motorcycles of all the ages, test drive new Suzuki models, chat with special guests and check out classic bike exhibits.Suzuki Live 2022: GP race bikesSpecial celebrity guests will include three-time British Superbike Champion John Reynolds and Sylvain Guintoli, who has World Superbike and World Endurance Championship titles to his credit, as well as being a Suzuki MotoGP test rider. . Danny Webb will be on the RG500 he campaigned at the Classic TT for Team Classic Suzuki in the Isle of Man. Suzuki’s new third-generation GSX-S1000GT, GSX-S1000 and Hayabusa will be available for a day test drive on the glorious roads surrounding Cadwell Park. You will need a valid license and a DVLA verification code or national insurance number to ride. , and Team Classic endurance racer Suzuki Katana.Suzuki Live 2022: Barry Sheene #7There are 111 places available for the track day, priced at £135 per person. There will be three levels of track group based on experience and equipment. Admission is free for those wishing to catch the action and parades, or take a test ride. Unfortunately, Ultimate motorcycling won’t be attending this cool event, but we wish we could be there! ]]> Shore shock sticker: ‘There’s nothing that didn’t come up.’ | Local News Sat, 21 May 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Amy S. Rosenberg The Philadelphia Investigator

OCEAN CITY — Price hikes raced up the boardwalk the other day as visitors tallied up the rising cost of pizza, not to mention the little cotton candy-flavored Polish popsicle, adding just a little insult to the wound of another chilly day in May.

“The whole pie was about $25,” said Jarrett Gibbs from Long Island, explaining why his group of friends from Penn State just bought a few slices at Manco & Manco’s. (It’s actually $24.15 there.)

Gibbs carried a modest blue popsicle, $6.50, as an entree. The cost of gas for a trip from New York? A touchy these days at around $65.

But hey, isn’t Shoreline supposed to be a little too expensive anyway? Some of those interviewed recently in Ocean City said they already expected to pay a bit more to shop on the coast. What’s left of AirBnB inventory for a family of four currently averages $714 per night in Ocean City.

That kind of thinking can save land-based shop owners too much outrage at inflation at sea. Last year, their problem was supply chain (and staff). Would there be boogie boards in stock or would they be stuck in shipping containers?

People also read…

The big concern this year is cost, says Wes Kazmarck, owner of Surf Mall in Ocean City and another store in Sea Isle City and head of Ocean City Boardwalk Merchants.

The move comes at the start of what will be a pivotal season for Atlantic City casinos in…

Will people buy a $60 beach chair? That’s what Kazmarck says he should charge, because it’s costing him $30 a chair this year.

“There’s nothing that hasn’t gone up,” Kazmarck said.

Dairy products cost more, as does sugar. This means the fudge is ready. Without forgetting the other essential of the shore: real estate. The cooking oil hikes could affect everything from fried avocado ($7) to chicken tenders ($10 a cup) to French fries ($6 for a 16-ounce cup). The Margate Bridge Private Toll has been reduced from $2 to $2.25. And pickleball! A basic Stone Harbor summer pass is $250 this year, up from $90 previously.

Garbage services soared, leaving one town, North Wildwood, to cut ties with a private company they said had tried to heavily weaponize the town into paying higher rates. Mayor Patrick Rosenello said the hedge fund-owned company said that if the city didn’t agree to immediate rate hikes, “things are going to get bad. He’ll be leaving garbage on the streets.”

North Wildwood has changed supplier. “Listen: this is costing us more than our public tender contract, but less than what the contractor demanded,” Rosenello said. “We’re really nervous about the increase in diesel fuel. Our restocking of the beach is high fuel consumption. We’ve delayed bidding on a few other contracts because we know the prices are so high. We are delaying road reconstructions until the fall.”

And could that cool Shashibo shape-shifting thing for sale at Air Circus on the Ocean City Boardwalk really cost $25? (Yes, even on Amazon.) But in the real world of the Boardwalk, the folks at Air Circus were willing to trade one down to $20 cash (thanks!). So you never know. At least somewhere a price has gone down.

Brigantine Lifeguards officials eye new contract by Memorial Day weekend

BRIGANTINE – After petitioning city leaders and gaining public support, the city’s lifeguard…

How big was summer 2021?

The Shore is coming off a huge season in 2021, powered by people flexible through distance learning and remote working, others who had some cash on hand from government money in case pandemic and the lack of other travel options. People were coming down the shore in droves.

According to the Lloyd Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism at the University of Stockton, 45.2 million visitors came to the Jersey Shore in 2021, an increase of 16% from 2020. They spent 20 $.8 billion, an increase of 28.9% over 2020.

So what’s a few extra bucks for a whole pie?

With gas prices so high, Cape May County has brought back its old marketing campaign from 2009: One Tank of Gas Away. (Last year it was the pandemic-inspired “Exciting Places, Open Spaces” program.)

“We dusted that one off,” Diane Wieland, director of tourism for Cape May County, said at the recent Shorecast event held in Stockton. “Every dollar they spend will impact discretionary spending. They will change their budget when they get here. You have to eat, but you don’t have to eat three meals a day. You don’t have to going out for expensive dinners.”

How The Pa. GOP Gov's Pick Could Turn Election Lies Into Action

Doug Mastriano isn’t the only candidate to win a Republican primary on Tuesday after embracing former President Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen. But no GOP candidate has done more to overturn this last presidential election — and perhaps no one is better positioned to overthrow the next one — than Mastriano if elected governor of Pennsylvania. He has pledged to end no-apology voting by mail, which hundreds of thousands of people used in this week’s primary. He also wants to force millions of registered voters to re-register. And he would hold additional authority over elections because Pennsylvania is one of the few states where governors have the power to appoint the secretary of state.

Oliver Cook, an economist at Stockton, predicted another robust summer, but probably not outperforming 2021’s performance. “I think it might not be as robust as last summer,” Cooke said. “There were some very unique features: so much pent-up savings and pent-up demand. Lots of fiscal stimulus has inflated household balance sheets.”

With 2022 inflation, he said, “It’s starting to become a question for many families.”

A recent report from New Jersey realtors found that the median sale price in March in Atlantic County was $347,500, up 22.8% from a year earlier. In Ocean County, the median selling price was $476,000, up 14.7% from 2021. And in Cape May County, the median selling price was $481,500, up increase of 18.9%.

Fries jobs for $21.50 an hour

Staff shortages last summer have driven wages up, with seasonal Boardwalk jobs offering upwards of $15 and $16 an hour. At Adventure Golf in Ocean City, managers were hired for up to $21.50 an hour.

But finding employees somewhere they can afford to live is another consequence of escalating prices.

Middle Township hears arguments to ban bouncing houses

MIDDLE TOWNSHIP – Liability experts have urged Middle Township to move forward with an order that…

Some are totally overpriced.

With so many new owners and high selling prices, Avalon realtor Ann Delaney says rental prices have also increased, sometimes by several thousand dollars a week, and even long-term renters are find overpriced places they’ve been to for years.

But new buyers have put their homes up for rent, so there is still inventory, despite a rush in bookings last summer.

She thinks land property prices have probably peaked for now.

“We’ve had some pretty aggressive rate increases,” she said. “It was difficult. It cost some people their lives.”

Atlantic City is seeing the effects of rising prices on the shore as investors, second home owners and AirBnB hosts buy and renovate homes.

Brigantine Beach Patrol will publicly voice staffing and salary concerns on Wednesday

BRIGANTINE – Members of the City’s Beach Patrol plan to air personnel concerns during…

“There’s no inventory,” said Atlantic City realtor Kim Turner-McDuffie, who said she recently closed a home in the Gardner’s Basin area near the entrance for 255,000 $, in an area where similar homes were selling for $150,000 six months ago.

“In the Gardner Basin, not a single home is for sale right now,” she said. “They all run there if one comes up for sale. They’re from out of state, which turns them into AirBnBs.”

As for Kazmarck, he wonders whether to even pay $30 wholesale to bring beach chairs and watch them not sell for $60. Instead, it stocks more beach towels for people to laze about, old school.

“I bought a lot of towels this year thinking people were going to say, I’m just going to take a towel,” he said. “They went from $12.99 to $14.99. Or $14.99 to $19.99.”