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Today is Wednesday, the weekend does not start for two days and the geopolitical situation remains tense. But hey, at least stocks are up. We can’t tell you why, but we have the answers for last week’s quiz.

So here they are.

1. On FT Alphaville this week, two of the FT’s best dug into the spaghetti junction of subsidiaries and investment firms tied to watchdog German real estate firm Adler Group. Name two of the countries where some of these companies are incorporated?

You could have had two of the next five bad eggs of international finance: Luxembourg, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Azerbaijan and Germany. Food.

2. The LME’s attempt to clean up the nickel market continues to look like a clown car with a missing wheel. When the market first reopened earlier this week after trading was suspended, what was the maximum percentage of movement the price could drop the day before trading was halted?

It was 5%.

3. Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey apparently likes a kip. Even during working hours. During his former position at the FCA, he would have fallen asleep during a meeting concerning what financial scandal?

One of the UK’s biggest pension mis-selling scandals has put the Governor to sleep. No idea if he’s a snorer.

4. Traveling Political PR Experience Rishi Sunak is back in the news this week ahead of the Spring Statement. In a previous life, he was hedgie at two London-based funds. Name one.

Sunak was previously at Theleme and TCI. For those of you who can’t get enough of our hip chancellor, here’s a photo of him reading about himself:

5. Deliveroo said this week that it expects to be profitable – at least on an underlying basis – soon. What year is he aiming to go black? And as a bonus, how many years has it been since its creation?

That would be in 2024, just 11 years after its creation.

6. Bidders line up to buy Chelsea from all over the world. Which US private equity fund co-founded by Howard Marks was one of the last to throw its name in the ring?

Oaktree is considering buying the west London club known for its fans waving plastic flags.

7. Time to guess the price. Twitter’s IPO was in 2013 at $26 per share. And will Friday’s close be above or below this price?

It was above!

8. Who tweeted his nonsense? (Hint: Goldbug renamed)

It was none other than Peter Schiff. We wonder if he was a little happier with Putin’s Loro Piana number.

Our first giveaway winner this week is Konstantin Pfeifer. Email us your address and we’ll add something to the message.

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