Children of murdered millionaire hotelier describe their grief in court

The children of aristocrat Sir Richard Sutton described the loss of “the kindest and most generous man”.

Thomas Schreiber was convicted after a three-week trial at Winchester Crown Court for the murder of the 83-year-old millionaire hotelier in his Dorset estate on April 7, 2021, and the attempted murder of Anne Schreiber, 66 years old.

Reading his victim impact statement in court, Sir David Sutton: “I think about my father every day. I just cannot believe and understand that he is no longer there.

“I will never see him again, only in memories in my mind, which are too easily clouded by the horrible ending he had.”

“Having only seen my dad in person twice in the past 15 months due to the lockdown and self-isolation, it was a real surprise when he came to our home in February 2021 for me. bring a birthday present.

“It was a special moment; we gave him an overview of the projects we had carried out during the confinement.

Sir Richard Sutton and Anne Schreiber (Family Document)

“I didn’t know at the time that this would be the last time I saw him. This was made especially relevant because a week later I wrote her a thank you letter and put in it all the things we could do together once the lockdown was over and we felt more safe from this disease, one of which was going to Durdle Door in Dorset to take pictures – photography being a passion we both shared, and a passion for me that was fostered by my father from my youngest age age.

“Indeed, my father taught me a lot. He had a gentle way of encouraging you to learn something new.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my father. I missed him dearly, our relationship was getting better and better and we had developed immense respect for each other.

“I feel robbed of the moments I had planned and discussed on the phone. He seemed really excited about our future releases.

“I will always wish they would ever happen. The circumstances of her separation give me feelings of intense anger, sadness and distress.

“So completely unnecessary. I will always carry the guilt and think I could have done more and maybe changed the course of events.

“The whole gruesome and gruesome crime impacted the lives of so many from afar, but my loved ones felt the full force of what happened.

“The trial touched me deeply in many ways. The continuous thoughts of my father’s last moments that we now know to be prolonged and vicious, his pain, his desperation for help, his fear.

“An act that I think Mr. Schreiber remembers well some parts and others not. I haven’t heard Mr. Schreiber apologize once.

He added, “I have a feeling of anxiety that I don’t want to go out and find that putting on a brave face sometimes is just too difficult. I will live with these feelings and pain for the rest of my life.

“It was a foolish act that took the life too soon of a generous, loving elderly man who only wanted to enjoy his twilight years.

“An old man who was my father, a grandfather to my children and a friend to everyone who knew him.

Thomas Schreiber court case
Thomas Schreiber with his lawyer, Joe Stone QC (Elizabeth Cook / PA)

In the statement read on behalf of Caroline Sutton, she said, “My father was the kindest, most generous man you have ever met.

“He was loved by everyone he met and whatever the occasion, he always greeted with the widest smile you have ever seen.

“I watched him lead by example, never judging, nor believing himself better than anyone, entering every interaction with effortless warmth and charm.

“He would always have time for anyone, be it friends, co-workers or family members, helping out whenever he could and just loving to see people happy.

“People say ‘sorry for your loss’ but I didn’t lose him. He was taken from me and although he was 80 years old the way he was taken was more than unfair.

“He loved life and looked forward to many more birthdays, seeing his grandchildren get married and watching his family grow.

“But that didn’t happen. His life was interrupted so brutally and in an incredibly cruel way by an individual whom he had welcomed into his home as a member of his family for years.

“Knowing these details, what this gentle and caring man went through in his last moments will stay with me for the rest of my life.

“The pain, fear and disbelief that someone he gave so much to would thank him with such cruelty is so hard to take.”

She added, “To me he was my dad and I wish I could have one more conversation with him and hear that laugh again. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.”

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