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The “Missile Morecambe”, John McGuinness is a legendary English biker from the Isle of Man TT. Born April 16, 1972 in Morecambe, Lancashire, England, McGuinness has always been around bikes because his father owned a motorcycle repair shop. However, after graduating in 1990 and due to the recession, McGuinness would be forced to shellfish with the man who would later become her stepfather. He also got his first taste of racing in 1990, during an endurance road race in Aintree, at the age of 18.

McGuinness has competed in several road races like the North West 200 and the Macau Grand Prix. In addition, he competed in the MotoGP World Championship between 1997 and 2000. However, his greatest achievements in motorsport are in the Isle of Man TT, the world’s most dangerous racing event, making its debut in the world. event in 1996 and finishing 15th. McGuinness’s motorcycling career spanned approximately 25 long years, and his accomplishments during that time are nothing short of legendary. Check out these unique details about the iconic rider.

Married his childhood sweetheart


via: Reddit

One woman has been by McGuinness’s side throughout the long years of his piloting career, and that is his wife, Becky. The two were childhood sweethearts who have been together since their teenage years. However, by all indications, the race was more important to the lovebirds than marriage, with Becky accompanying her on all of her runs.


via: Twitter

Eventually, they tied the knot in 2012 after Becky’s father, out of fear of dying of cancer, urged them to marry while he was alive. They have two children, Ewan and Maisie.

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Won the Best Newcomer award in debut


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Sometimes you can tell how great an athlete would become by their first performance. And any pundits who could have predicted great fortunes for McGuinness from his debut performance will feel justified today.


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McGuinness’ debut at TT in 1996 was a blast. So good that he received the award for best newcomer. However, it took him three years after his debut to clinch his first TT victory in the 250 lightweight category.

Confronted his racing idol


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Sports personalities often have people who inspired them to take up the profession, people they admire in their formative years. Their idols. For McGuinness, that person was the legendary North Irish motorcyclist Joey Dunlop. At 14, McGuinness bought a photo of Joey so he could meet him for an autograph, at the 1986 TT.


via: Reddit

While Joey signed, McGuinness told him that they would one day be on the podium together. Years later, the dream has come true. McGuinness had five years of competition against Joey, from 1996 to 2000.

First to cross the 130 mph average speed barrier

John McGuinness

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The average speed of 130 mph had been a hindrance for TT racers for years, as none could surpass it. However, in 2007 McGuinness achieved the feat in a record breaking performance that saw him win the Isle of Man senior TT race.


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The Morecambe missile broke the record in the second round with an average speed of 130.354 mph and a record total run time of 1 hour 46 minutes 44 seconds. Unbelievable!

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He is a free man


via: Reddit

Free men in the UK are people who have been awarded the title of “freedom of the city”. It is an honor bestowed upon valued members of a community, or a visiting dignitary or celebrity. The origin of honor dates back to medieval times, when respected citizens were freed from serfdom.


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The practice is also observed in the United States, Canada and some other countries. In 2007, McGuinness was awarded Freedom from the Town of Morecambe.

Broken 4 vertebrae and 3 ribs in an accident


via: ITV

In 2017, while training for Superbike racing at the North West 200 event in Northern Ireland, McGuiness crashed and suffered multiple injuries. The preliminary report of the accident revealed that McGuinness had sustained a broken leg.


via: YouTube

However, later reports show that the legendary runner had broken four vertebrae, three back ribs and also fractured his leg. The unfortunate incident ruled McGuinness out of the Isle of Man TT for the 2017 season.

Second most successful TT driver of all time


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Inaugurated in 1907, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) races are annual motorcycle races that take place on the Isle of Man, mainly between May and June of the year. Notably, the event is considered by many to be the most dangerous race in the world, with more than 150 deaths in its 114-year history. It’s such a shame that finishing a TT race is even considered a victory in itself.


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Therefore, having to not only finish countless times, but win 23 times, McGuinness is undoubtedly a TT icon, and he is the most successful TT rider after his hero Joey.

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He wrote a book

built for ebay speed

via: eBay

In 2017, McGuiness published a book called “Built for Speed”. Autobiography, the 320-page book chronicles McGuiness’s career. He detailed all the events of his early club racing days with bikes below the current elite level.


via: Pinterest

Additionally, in the book, McGuiness described how he grew up in Morecambe and how he got his first bike at just 3 years old. , yet he couldn’t stop.

Has an honorary scholarship


via: Flickr

In UK universities, an honorary scholarship is often awarded to people in certain industries that the institutions would like to recognize and with which they collaborate. Some of the UK schools that award honorary scholarships include Imperial College London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary College London, as well as Myerscough College.


via: Myerscough College

In 2017, Myerscough College awarded McGuinness an honorary scholarship “in recognition of his exceptional courage and achievement in the field of racing motorcycles.”

Awarded with an MBE


via: Lancaster Guardian

One of the highest honors in the British ranks, the MBE is ranked fifth in the classes of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. The history of these honors dates back to the time of King George V who founded the Order to plug the holes in the British honor system.


via: English Bulletin

These honors are given to individuals in recognition of their contribution to the arts and sciences, to charity and to public service. In 2021, McGuinness received an MBE for his motorcycle racing services.

guy martin
8 facts about Guy Martin

Guy Martin is a TT rider from the Isle of Man who has become a superstar thanks to his eclectic personality.

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Team Classic Suzuki Katana World Superbike Resto-Mod: Inside look Mon, 20 Sep 2021 23:23:25 +0000

Team Classic Suzuki, a promotional vehicle for Suzuki’s vintage parts program in England, competes in championship endurance races. In 2018, the team won the superbike category in the Oschersleben 4 hour endurance race with John Reynolds and Pete Boast on a Katana. The team was set to make their Isle of Man TT debut in 2020 on a contemporary GSX-R1000 – we all know how it turned out.

When you can’t run, you tear yourself away. In the case of Team Classic Suzuki, you build. The result is this superb Team Classic Suzuki Katana, which is a fascinating street legal retro-mod based on a 2008 Suzuki Alstare raced in World Superbike.

Classic Team Suzuki Katana Resto-Mod

The Katana is powered by a 2008 GSX-R1000 engine that develops 200 horsepower at the rear wheels. The exhaust is initially routed out of the Alstare World Superbike headers. Racefit in Darley Dale, Derbyshire, about an hour north of the Donington Park circuit, takes over for the exhaust gas journey through the muffler. Cooling is provided by a factory radiator and oil cooler, with fluids being guided through aluminum pipes. An ECU and Yoshimura EM Pro software were brought in to handle refueling and other engine management tasks. For the construction, Nathan Colombi of Team Classic Suzuki carried out a complete refresh of the classic powertrain.

The retro look comes through changes to the Alstare World Superbike frame. Instead of the linkage-assisted single-shock rear suspension, the Team Classic Suzuki Katana features a unique subframe and wishbone swingarm created by Alpha Performance Fabrication in Wellingborough, Northhamptonshire, about 60 miles north. -west London. The new rear section allows the fitting of twin Öhlins shocks, in homage to the original 1981 Suzuki Katana.

Team Classic Suzuki Katana: custom bike

Team Classic Suzuki’s XR69 racing replicas use British built Dymag CH3 wheels. Those same cast magnesium wheels are deployed on this Katana build, with Brembo rotors, calipers, and pads taking care of all deceleration. Team Classic Suzuki slipped the rear brake caliper behind the swingarm for a clean look, and the result is flawless. The rubber is courtesy of Michelin Power Cup Evo road approved tires.

The tank comes from the Alstare Suzuki, while the seat is a modified part from the Team Classic Suzuki. The headquarters originate from Parabiago, Italy, a few kilometers northwest of Milan, by Race Seats. The elegant perch is adorned with an embroidered Katana logo. To complete the ergonomics, Team Classic Suzuki has added its own rear controls.

Team Classic Suzuki Katana: World Superbike WSB

Up front, the nose is the Katana NOS, which can be obtained from vintage Suzuki parts, modified to fit the more modern front end. The seat unit has the Team Classic Suzuki logo painted on the back, as well as the Katana logo painted on the lower front. The rear light and the headlight are LED.

Final details include carbon fiber panels accentuating the seat and nose units, as well as fittings and fasteners from Indiana-based RaceFastener.

If you happen to see the Team Classic Suzuki Katana retro-mod in your rear-view mirrors, remember that the double-impact resto-mod is a 2008 World Superbike racing bike under its fabulous skin.

Suzuki Katana Classic Team Photo Gallery

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Leading D3O Impact Protection Company Acquired by Elysian Capital III LP Mon, 20 Sep 2021 14:15:00 +0000

LONDON, September 20, 2021 / CNW / – D3O, the global leader in impact protection, is delighted to announce its acquisition by Elysian Capital III LP.

D3O laboratory

The acquisition by Elysian Capital sees previous owners Beringea US & UK and Entrepreneurs Fund leave the company after six years of year-over-year growth and enables continued global expansion of the D3O brand.

D3O is recognized as the leading impact protection brand in the world, partnering with a significant portfolio of global brands in the motorcycle, sport, defense, workwear and consumer electronics industries, with D3O products used by the US Department of Defense, Fox Racing, ZAGG Motorcycles and Triumph.

D3O has a portfolio of branded patented technologies that are used in a range of applications: helmet liner systems that mitigate traumatic brain injury for soldiers and first responders; CE certified low profile bulletproof vest for motorcyclists; back of hand protection for industrial workers; up to protective cases and protective screens for smartphones.

With its distinct “orange” color, the D3O “ingredient brand” is recognized as the the authority on impact protection and the brand ambassador team includes an NHL star Seth jones, Isle of Man TT world record holder Michel dunlop; and eight-time gold medalist Downhill Racer Tahnée Seagrave. The appeal of D3O is considerable with products and materials also used by Formula 1 teams, Hollywood male and female stuntmen, and a host of Olympic athletes during the Tokyo games 2020.

Stuart sawyer, CEO of D3O, said, “We are delighted to be working with Elysian for the next phase of D3O’s growth. Our talented and hard-working team have done an exceptional job to make D3O the market leader in impact protection. We look forward to building on this foundation through continuous innovation, providing top notch customer service, and delivering a compelling brand value proposition. I would like to thank our previous investors for the support they gave us during the creation of D3O. to grow the business and seize important opportunities to protect people and their property around the world. “

James cunningham, Partner at Elysian Capital, said, “We have been very impressed with the way Stuart and his team have developed the D3O brand and the breadth and quality of clients the company serves. We look forward to supporting them as they realize the brand’s potential in existing and new market segments.


D3O is a fast growing protection company that develops and markets the world’s leading impact protection products. With offices in UK, US and China, D3O partners with a broad portfolio of world-class brands that include the US Department of Defense, ZAGG, Triumph Motorcycles and Fox Racing. From body protection for professional athletes and motorcyclists to helmet liner systems that mitigate traumatic brain injury, D3O is recognized as the authority on impact protection.


Elysian Capital is an independent private equity fund specializing in the United Kingdom and Ireland lower midrange. The management team combines entrepreneurial and commercial operational skills with an experienced private equity and leveraged debt capacity, providing the full range of skills needed to make and grow successful investments in Elysian Capital’s target markets. .

Photo –
Logo –

D3O logo

D3O logo



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10 things everyone forgot about Husqvarna and their motorcycles Sun, 19 Sep 2021 15:30:00 +0000

Husqvarna has been around much longer than most people realize, their recent resurgence under the KTM Group has seen them become a household name today, but there is a lot more to the company than their current model line.

The Swedish company has seen several ups and downs in its past, having had to relocate its headquarters and, by extension, its manufacturing plant, on two separate occasions, splitting up, reuniting and almost completely disappearing. In recent times they have become more and more powerful with their conquering off-road motorcycles and have turned many heads with their radical designed road bikes.

Used to make muskets

The historic Husqvarna factory

Via: Husqvarna

If we were to delve into the history of different brands, we might assume that very few would be able to trace their history as far as Husqvarna.

Charles XII


Their story began when the Swedish king commissioned a metalworking company to produce muskets in 1689. They are literally as old as the hills.

One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers



After having literally existed for hundreds of years, they turned their attention to the growing market for motorized bicycles.

Husqvarna motorized bicycle

Via: Rideapart

In 1903, Husqvarna motorcycles were created, making them the second oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production.

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Isle of Man Experience


By the early 1920s motorcycle racing had become popular across Europe and the Isle Of Man TT had established itself as one of the biggest events.


The vintage

Husqvarna raced in the event between the 1920s and 1930s, gaining crucial experience in developing motorcycles, something that would hold them in good stead after the war.

Got off the road early

husqvarna sliverpilen

Motocross Action Magazine

Seeing a growing trend in the 1950s, they bravely launched the Silverpilen, the very first purpose-built off-road motorcycle.

husqvarna silverpilen mx

Although it looked a lot like a regular contemporary motorcycle, it had a slightly longer travel and a raised exhaust, which made it more off-road friendly.

Motocross pioneer

1966 + Husqvarna + 250 + Cross

Legal filth

Their first bike might not have looked much like a motocross, but in the 60s they were making the first true long-distance suspension mountain bikes.



For a time they were untouchable on dirt tracks around the world, winning 14 world motocross titles and 24 European enduro championships. At the time, their performance attracted all the most talented riders from around the world, including a certain Hollywood star.

Steve mcqueen


McQueen was an avid motorcycle enthusiast, collecting and riding several different motorcycles.


His love for dirt riding drew him to Husqvarna, and when he saw Swedish motocross champion Bengt Åberg’s bike, he simply must have had it. He bought his championship winning bike after the race, that same bike was recently auctioned off for crazy money.

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Dark days

Husqvarna 500 CR


By the early ’80s Husqvarna had fallen behind, although they were one of the early leaders in innovation, they had become stagnant and paid the price, slow racing bikes and low sales.

Husqvarna 500 CR right side


They invested their resources in what was at the time a revolutionary 500cc 4 stroke motocross, they had beaten the trend for over a decade and the bike never really took off without any class to compete. By the end of the 1980s, they were no longer profitable, and it seemed the business was doomed.

Cagiva years



Cagiva was making a lot of money in the 80s and buying several brands, including Husqvarna. Without their investment and move to Italy, this would have been the end of the line for Husqvarna.

Husqvana TE410 94


This was indeed the end of the chain for the company as it was known at the time, the core group split up and became Husaberg, using their old tools and facilities. While Husqvarna produced bikes in Italy, they were apparently still the underdogs, but still made fast and competitive dirt bikes.

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Another move



After 20 years in Italy under Cagiva, the Italian group faces its own financial difficulties and sells Husqvarna to the BMW group.


Top speed

While this partnership produced some interesting bikes, most notably the Nuda 900, it was short lived. BMW apparently got what they needed from the deal and sold the Husky brand to KTM in 2013 while the Varese plant is said to be sold to a Chinese automaker.

Marketing experience

Husqvarna 701 Enduro


What KTM has since done with the brand is easily one of the smartest marketing decisions we’ve ever seen in the motorcycle industry. Essentially, Husqvarna died in the 80s and limped in the 90s.



Today they are the blue and white alternative to the orange KTM. With pretty much all of the same undercarriage, a few minor tweaks to the interior, and a completely different design language, KTM gained access to a market that otherwise wouldn’t have given the Orange marque a second look.

Husqvarna FE350s street legal
Here’s why the Husqvarna FE350s is the best street legal dirt bike

Husqvarna has manufactured some of the highest quality products on the market. One of these offers is the FE350 approved for the street.

Read more

About the Author

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Howard Quayle: Isle of Man Chief Minister on his cult “Howard o-clock” movement and “bewilderment” at PM’s underwater roundabout | Politics News Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:45:07 +0000

“It’s Howard o’clock” has become a catchphrase used on swimsuits, t-shirts, bags, mugs, wine bottles and, even, has evolved into a monopoly-style drinking game.

But at the same time Isle of man Chief Minister Howard Quayle may have become an almost cult figure during the COVID crisis, he also worked 20 hours a day, scrambled to buy an oxygen plant, and made the “toughest decisions of my life. life”.

As he prepares to leave his post next month, Mr Quayle also told Sky News about the island’s strict coronavirus quarantine rules – which have led to some people being jailed – and the effect of Brexit on the Isle of Man.

“At ‘Howard’ at 4 p.m. every day, people would stop, have a drink, sit and listen to briefings to let them know what was going on,” he said, as the minister chief was explaining how his televised press conferences last year gripped the 85,000 inhabitants of the Isle of Man.

The 54-year-old described the “bizarre” notion of people now wanting selfies with him, as the number of people who now recognize him on the island has skyrocketed, but also how he was “thrilled” with “the” ‘community spirit’ that has been generated in the fight against the coronavirus.

In March 2020, as COVID hit the world, Mr Quayle used the Isle of Man engineering sector to leverage contacts around the world to secure PPE, as he faced the dilemma to make sure the island did not run out of oxygen.

“We had always brought our oxygen in bulk – a container or tanker would come on a ship and fill our storage tanks,” he said.

“That would last us a fortnight under normal circumstances for our hospital. But, obviously, with COVID, we felt like we needed one more hangar.”

Fearing that supplies could be cut off – as well as the idea that an oil tanker traveling to and from the Isle of Man could have supplied four or five hospitals in the UK at the same time – Mr Quayle decided to buy the last oxygen production plant in Great Britain.

“If I hadn’t bought it at lunchtime it would go to Nightingale Hospital in London,” he added.

Isle of Man has recorded over 7,000 COVID cases and 48 deaths

The next challenge was to build a shed in which to store the plant, as well as create a hospital unit ready to accept COVID patients. And, later, a test center was established in the island’s famous TT grandstand.

But there were also difficult actions to take.

“One of the most difficult decisions of my life was to prevent people from coming back to the island who were residents of the island,” Mr. Quayle said.

“We had given them warnings, we had told them ‘come home, we will close shortly’.

“Some ignored the warnings and we closed. But once we cleared COVID, we were the first location in the British Isles – if not in Europe – to open internally without any restrictions.”

Until January of this year the people of the Isle of Man enjoyed a freedom of life that those in the UK did not have, but “someone broke the rules, came in and we had to lock us again ”.

This freedom was, in part, provided by making other sound decisions.

“If you break our quarantine rules, put people’s lives in danger and get caught, you’ve gone to jail,” Quayle said.

He admitted that the imposition of prison sentences had sparked some outrage, especially when a group of Newcastle welders were caught in a supermarket when they were supposed to be in self-isolation.

How were they caught? Because they “entered with masks” when the rest of the population of the Isle of Man did not have to, due to their zero number of cases.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the first Cabinet meeting since the reshuffle at 10 Downing Street, London.  Picture date: Friday September 17, 2021.
Boris Johnson is said to want a roundabout under the Isle of Man

Although the Isle of Man is an autonomous dependency of the British Crown located in the Irish Sea, the island has been ‘treated as if we are in Coventry or Cornwall’ when it comes to the coronavirus crisis, which has seen more than 7,000 cases and 48 deaths on the island.

Mr Quayle explained that relations between the island and London “have really improved dramatically” after Brexit, even despite the chaos that reigned in Westminster after the 2016 referendum.

“We have been fortunate to get information very quickly – historically this has not always been the case,” he said.

“The ability for our offices to speak to their UK counterparts, discuss issues and retrieve information – so that we can prepare our legislation to make sure we’re compliant and prepare our industries for whatever is going to happen – is the best ever.

“We don’t want to go back to the old way.”

The Isle of Man government now maintains a wide range of relationships with the departments of Whitehall, rather than having a single relationship with their “godmothers” at the Department of Justice, which formally manages the Kingdom’s relations. United with the outbuildings of the crown.

However, a closer relationship with Westminster does not appear to extend to all aspects of British government thinking.

Mr Quayle said his government “had no involvement” in Boris Johnson’s alleged plan for road tunnels between Britain and Northern Ireland, to join an underground roundabout under the Isle of man.

“We looked at it with a level of bewilderment!” He admitted.

He added that it “would have been nice to have this connectivity” but doubted the level of vehicle traffic would make such a project economically viable.

“It was a little frustrating that people just didn’t think about it – it was a good sound sample, but I never thought it would happen,” Mr Quayle said.

“We have our regular flights, we have our ferry service, it would have been nice to have it but I didn’t see the UK taxpayer getting a return.

“At the end of the day, you have to get what you pay for.”

Nairbyl Bay by night stock photo Isle of Man, England, Northern Europe, Port Erin, astronomy
There are many starry sky sites on the island

But while Brexit may have brought benefits, recent staff shortages – particularly in the hotel industry – on the Isle of Man are “likely part” of the UK’s exit from the EU, coupled with the rate. historically low unemployment on the island.

“We need to attract more people to come to the island and that’s something we’re working on,” Quayle said.

“We help, we offer grants and things to 20-40 year olds, we seek to attract entrepreneurs.”

And he touted the island’s countryside, with UNESCO status as a biosphere region; as well as its many starry sky sites for observing galaxies, low crime rates and a recent surge in internet speeds, as pull factors for those in the UK who now find themselves mostly working remotely .

“We had an IT company that moved to the island and we didn’t know how it would go – it went exceptionally well,” he said.

“Because the people who were working on software would come home and in 10 minutes they could be on their ATVs on a plantation. “

But Mr Quayle, who steps down next month after the island’s next general election, will leave the decision on whether the Isle of Man will copy the UK in accepting Afghan refugees, after Afghanistan is captured. by the Taliban, to his successor as chief minister. .

So, as his five-year term as Chief Minister comes to an end, are there any regrets?

“I did my best, you’re always going to make mistakes, I’m not perfect,” he said.

“Everything I have done has always been, in my head, the best I could do for the island, so I have no regrets.

“With COVID, hindsight is a wonderful thing and, if we had closed a week earlier, we would have had even fewer cases.”

But he added: “There was no manual. We all invent it, in all jurisdictions, as we go.”

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Isle of Man general election: who’s running? Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:47:00 +0000

The Isle of Man is divided into 12 constituencies, each with two elected members of the House of Keys or “MHK”. This constitutes the 24 MHK which sit in Tynwald.

Below is a list of all constituencies and the 65 candidates hoping to be elected to the House of Keys in the Isle of Man General Election 2021.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew

The constituency of Arbory, Castletown and Malew constitutes a large part of the south of the island. Locations inside include parts of East Rushen, some of the former constituencies of Rusen, Malew, and part of the former capital of the Isle of Man.

Graham Cregeen, Steve Crowther, Tim Glover and Jason Moorhouse. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Graham Cregeen

  • Steve crowther

  • Tim glover

  • Jason moorhouse

Ayre and Michel

The constituency of Ayre and Michael is the northernmost part of the Isle of Man, stretching mainly on the west coast. The locations it contains include Andreas, Ballaugh, Bride, Jurby, Lezayre, and Michael.

Tim Baker, Alfred Cannan, Tim Johnston, Duncan Livingstone and Paul Weatherall. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Tim baker

  • Doctor Sos Boussougou

  • Alfred Cannan

  • Phil corkill

  • Tim johnston

  • Duncan livingstone

  • Paul Weatherall

  • Madeleine Westall

Central Douglas

The constituency of Douglas Central is one of four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. Douglas is the main business center of the island and this part combines the neighborhoods of Albany, Ballabooie, Eastfield, Somerset, Quay and St Georges, part of Garden City and Tynwald.

Damian Ciappelli, Ann Corlett and Chris Thomas. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Damien Ciappelli

  • Ann corlett

  • Sara hackman

  • Chris Thomas

Douglas East

The constituency of Douglas East is the second of four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. Its main feature is the promenade which is one of the main riding problems. Other locations within Douglas East include the districts of Crescent, Derby, Strand, Victoria, Windsor and St Ninian’s.

Clare Barber, Joney Faragher, Peter Gilmour, Michael Josem, Jon Joughin, Christine Urquhart and Amanda Walker. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Claire barbier

  • Joey faragher

  • Pierre Gilmour

  • Michel josem

  • Jon joughin

  • Christine urquhart

  • Amanda walker

Douglas North

The constituency of Douglas North is the third of four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. This is the innermost part of Douglas and includes the TT grandstand. Other locations within Douglas North include the neighborhoods of Willaston and Glencrutchery, other parts of Garden City, and parts of Onchan Parish.

David Ashford, Ralph Peake and John Wannenburgh. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • David Ashford

  • Kevin Oliphant Smith

  • Ralph Peake MHK

  • John wannenburgh

Douglas South

The constituency of Douglas South is the last of the four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. Other locations within Douglas South include the districts of Anagh Coar, Ballaughton and Pulrose.

Claire Christian, Gérard Higgins, Sarah Maltby and Paul Quine. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Claire Christian

  • Gerald Higgins

  • Sarah Maltby

  • Paul Quine


The constituency of Garff constitutes the north-eastern part of the Isle of Man. Key locations in the region include Laxey, Lonan, and Maughold, but this also includes the majority of Onchan Parish and part of Howstrake.

Daphne Caine, Martyn Perkins, Andrew Smith, Jamie Smith and Gareth Young. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Daphne Cain

  • Martyn perkins

  • Andrew Smith

  • Jamie smith

  • Gareth Young

Glenfaba and Peel

Geoffrey Boot, Kate Lord-Brennan, Trevor Cowin, Tim Crookall, Leo Cussons, Ray Harmer and Mikey Lee. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

The constituency of Glenfaba and Peel forms the middle part of the west coast of the Isle of Man. Peel is the third largest city on the island after Ramsey. In Glenfaba is Tynwald Hill, where the Manx Parliament is held on the island’s national holiday – Tynwald Day. Other localities in the constituency include the parishes of German and Patrick and a small part of Marown.

All applicants

  • Geoffrey boot

  • Trevor Cowin

  • Tim cookall

  • Leo Cussons

  • Ray Harmer

  • Mikey lee

  • Kate Lord-Brennan


The constituency of Middle constitutes, as the name suggests, the majority of central Isle of Man. The other localities of the district include the parishes of Braddan, Marown and Santon.

David Fowler, Keiran Hannifin, Alison Lynch, Stu Peters and Jane Poole-Wilson. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • David fowler

  • Keiran hannifin

  • Alison lynch

  • Stu peters

  • Jane poole wilson


The riding of Onchan is located just north of Douglas and south of Garff. The village of Onchan is the second largest population center on the island after Douglas.

Michael Leather, Rob Callister. James Cherry, Julie Edge and Peter Willers. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Rob callister

  • James cherry

  • Julie bord

  • Michael Leather

  • Peter Willers


Ramsey constituency is a city in the northeast of the Isle of Man and the second largest city on the island. It is bordered by Ayre and Michael to the north, west and southwest and connected with Garff to the southeast.

Dr Alex Allinson, Robert Cowell, Lawrie Hooper, Jonathan Kinrade, Simon Mann, Luke Parker and Leonard Singer. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Dr Alex Allinson

  • Robert cowell

  • Lawrie hooper

  • Jonathan kinrade

  • Simon mann

  • Luc Parker

  • Leonard Singer

  • Erica Spencer


The constituency of Rushen is the southernmost point of the Isle of Man and consists of the villages of Port Erin, Port St Mary and the majority of Rushen Parish.

Dr Michelle Haywood, Mark Kemp, Andrew Langan-Newton and Juan Watterson. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Dr Michelle Haywood

  • Mark Kemp

  • Andrew Langan-Newton

  • Juan watterson

All applicants have been invited to the Studio One / Energy FM debates and a full list can be found under each image.

The Isle of Man general election takes place on September 23, 2021, and you can follow ITV Granada Reports’ coverage online and in the program on Election Day.

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8 facts about Guy Martin Thu, 16 Sep 2021 12:30:00 +0000

There is no particularly precise way to describe former British motorcycle rider Guy Martin. So eclectic that you just couldn’t enclose it or even label it appropriately. Better yet, Martin isn’t even trying to be a mystic or anything like that, he’s just himself. A strange minimalist, Martin doesn’t watch TV, and he once used an old Nokia just to save time wasted surfing the Internet on smartphones.

Born November 4, 1981 in Lincolnshire, England, Guy Martin’s father Ian worked as a truck mechanic, and he also raced motorcycles, participating in many Isle of Man TT events. Interestingly, Guy Martin’s mother, Rita Kidals, has a unique heritage, being the daughter of a Latvian political refugee. Extremely elated by danger, Guy Martin is an international road racing legend, a maverick star and a speed junkie. However, there is still a lot more to this enigmatic Briton with unique favorites.

Named in tribute to Guy Gibson


via: Pinterest

Wing Commander Guy Penrose Gibson was a World War II Royal Air Force bomber pilot who flew over 170 war operations until his death in active service at just 26 years old.


via: The Mirror

He led 617 Squadron in the 1943 “Dam Busters” daredevil raid that broke two massive dams in the German Ruhr area and won a Victoria Cross for his efforts. Therefore, Martin was named ‘Guy’ in honor of the incredible bomber pilot.

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Love charity


via: Le Temps

Resources are not distributed evenly in our society today, therefore, charitable giving has become the norm. Illness, loss of livelihood, the death of a key family member and several other factors often contribute to this imbalance, but a few of the better-off have taken it upon themselves to make good these shortcomings through charitable organizations.


via: Telegraph Grimbsy

For his part, Martin, through sales of his merchandise, has raised tens of thousands of pounds for Spinal Research.

Has a pub

marrow bone and cleaver

via: Pinterest

Best known for his incredible motorcycle prowess, however, Martin is also a class act in selecting appropriate menus. He co-owns a pub called the Marrowbone & Cleaver, along with his partner, Sharon.


via: Pinterest

Located in his hometown of Kirmington in north Lincolnshire, the pub was on the verge of bankruptcy before the speed star acquired it to revive the town which had previously lost a butcher, doctor’s office and a post office.

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Successful writer


via: The Guardian

Incredibly, Martin used his formidable writing skills to launch a burgeoning writing career. In 2014, he published a book titled ‘My Autobiography’ – an intense self-written tale detailing the life of the international road racing legend with an emphasis on his constant search for the next breathtaking adventure.


via: Adrian Baldwin

The book became a phenomenal Sunday Times bestseller. He also wrote “When You’re Dead You’re Dead”, “Worms to Catch” and “We Must Weaken the Mix”, all bestsellers with over a million copies sold.

He is a mechanic


via: Pinterest

Martin has always been fascinated by motors, even as a young child. He is known to always play with lawn mowers in an attempt to make them go faster. Additionally, having always seen his father working on stuff, Martin developed a keen interest in engines and started playing with trucks at the age of 12.


via: Pinterest

Martin’s local school encouraged a hands-on approach to study, but lacking a genuine interest in academics, he later enrolled as a truck mechanic at a Volvo center.

Hosts TV shows


via: Pinterest

Anchoring TV shows is also one of Martin’s many strengths. Notably, his first screen appearance was in 2009 in an ITV4 program for fans of the TT Race of the Year. In 2011, Martin made his very first appearance in a television documentary through programs focused on his zeal for engineering rather than motorsport.

2011 'The boat Guy built'

via: BBC

These programs are the 2011 “The Boat that Guy Built” which aired on the BBC in 2011 and “How Britain Worked” which aired on Channel 4 in 2012, among others.

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Has several speed records


via: RideApart

Extremely daring, there is never a task too difficult for Martin to attempt. With an unimpeachable state of mind, he attempted to break several speed records in many events.

Isle of Man TT

via: Isle of Man TT

Martin has several Guinness World Records which include the fastest speed on a gravity snow sled, the highest speed in a soapbox and the fastest tractor, having reached a top speed of 135,191 mph at Elvington Airfield, York, UK. He also holds the UK record for the fastest hovercraft.

Crashed countless times

Guy Martin

via: Wallpaper Cave

Martin has had too many accidents to count. However, regardless of the severity of the accidents, it never stopped. Notably, in 2003, he broke his ankle while racing in the Southern 100 in the road racing series.


via: Flickr

Additionally, in 2010, Martin survived a 170 mph TT crash and was fortunate enough to be pulled out of the ensuing fireball alive, suffering from a broken back and ribs. Still, that wasn’t even enough to get him to resign, he left.

The deadliest race in the world
16 crazy pictures of the Isle of Man TT

It is impossible not to respect the Isle of Man TT riders who have gone out of their way to be the fastest rider on the island.

Read more

About the Author

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Yamaha unveils 2022 sportbikes and GP 60th anniversary livery Wed, 15 Sep 2021 20:34:32 +0000

From left to right, the 2022 Yamaha YZF-R1, YZF-R7 and YZF-R3 sporting the World GP 60th Anniversary Edition livery.

In 1961, Yamaha competed in its first series of World Grands Prix, finishing in points only in its second GP race with its RD48 2-stroke at the Isle of Man TT. Yamaha is commemorating the 60th anniversary of this definitive year and its rich racing history with three new special edition models – the 2022 YZF-R3, YZF-R7 and YZF-R1 are all available in a World GP 60th Anniversary Edition livery. Based on Yamaha’s iconic white and red chain block, complete with a yellow license plate, these striking machines pay homage to Yamaha’s passion for racing and its commitment to winning at the highest level of motorcycle racing.

Yamaha unveils 2022 sportbike models and GP 60th anniversary livery
2022 Yamaha YZF-R1 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition

“Racing has always been in Yamaha’s DNA, as well as a cornerstone of motorcycle development,” said Derek Brooks, Yamaha Motorcycle Product Line Manager. “Nowhere is this more evident than with our R-Series bikes, which have benefited from years of Grand Prix racing. Technology and designs have trickled down to our production Superbike and Supersport machines, making them dominant forces in MotoAmerica racing for so many years. “

Listen to our podcast interview with Wayne Rainey, President of MotoAmerica


In addition to the World GP 60th anniversary color scheme, each of the commemorative motorcycles also includes gold wheels, gold forks, Yamaha factory team Gold Tuning Fork emblems, black levers and badge. special commemorative on the airbox cover.

Yamaha unveils 2022 sportbike models and GP 60th anniversary livery
2022 Yamaha YZF-R1 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition

“We are delighted to give Yamaha enthusiasts the opportunity to own this piece of Yamaha racing history,” added Brooks. “These distinctive 60th Anniversary World GP editions are incredible to see in person with the instantly recognizable classic Yamaha Racing white and red livery and a range of other special details.”

The 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition (MSRP $ 9,299) and 2022 Yamaha YZF-R1 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition (MSRP $ 18,099) will be available in November 2021. The 2022 YZF- Edition R3 World GP 60th Anniversary (MSRP $ 5,499) will be available in February 2022.

2022 Yamaha R-series Sportbikes

Sixty years of racing have given Yamaha the expertise to develop and refine its line of sportbike models. From the entry-level YZF-R3 to the exclusive GP-inspired YZF-R1M, Yamaha’s R-series models offer options for riders of all skill levels and budget levels.


Yamaha unveils 2022 sportbike models and GP 60th anniversary livery
From left to right, the 2022 Yamaha YZF-R1M, YZF-R1, YZF-R7 and YZF-R3 in the Team Yamaha Blue color scheme.

The Standard Edition Yamaha YZF-R3, featuring aggressive R-Series styling and a lightweight 321cc parallel-twin at high revs, and the Standard Edition Yamaha YZF-R1, featuring advanced electronics derived from MotoGP, is back in the range of Yamaha sports motorcycles. and the powerful 998cc CP4 Crossplane engine. For 2022, the YZF-R3 and YZF-R1 now feature an updated Team Yamaha Blue color option with graphic details and accents aligned with the Yamaha YZF-R7 2022, including matte blue and cyan blue accents. For bikers looking for a darker option, the YZF-R3 is also available in Midnight Black, and the YZF-R1 is available in Performance Black.

Also back in the Yamaha lineup for 2022 is the top-of-the-line YZF-R1M, now featuring a new color design that further accentuates the carbon fiber front fairing and aluminum fuel tank, with a slightly larger side fairing. blue.

Yamaha unveils 2022 sportbike models and GP 60th anniversary livery
2022 Yamaha YZF-R1M

The 2022 YZF-R3 will be available in December in Team Yamaha Blue or Midnight Black with an MSRP of $ 5,299. The YZF-R1 2022 will be available in November in Team Yamaha Blue or Performance Black with an MSRP of $ 17,599, and the YZF-R1M 2022 will be available in January 2022, with an MSRP of $ 26,299.

2022 Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR

Yamaha unveils 2022 sportbike models and GP 60th anniversary livery
The Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR 2022 is a race-ready competition bike and offers a select group of racing enthusiasts and track racers the chance to own the ultimate Yamaha Supersport.

Yamaha has a long history of supporting amateur and professional Supersport racing and to continue in this endeavor a 2022 track-only YZF-R6 GYTR will be available for purchase in extremely limited numbers. Original Yamaha Technology Racing YZF-R6 includes complete racing body in primer white, GYTR YZF-R6 racing seat, GYTR ECU and wiring harness with interface cable, full Akrapovič exhaust , 520 chain and sprocket kit, racing rear sets, AIS socket set, billet front brake lever guard, shark fin rear sprocket guard, GYTR ABS emulator, GYTR racing fuel cap, GYTR on / off switch and GYTR brake line set, among other specialty parts.

The new Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR 2022 will be available at dealerships starting April 2022 and has an MSRP of $ 18,399. Contact your local Yamaha dealer if you would like to make a deposit on this limited production motorcycle.

For more information, visit

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Bruce Anstey: “Doctors don’t know how I’m still here” – Kiwi road runner talks about his battle with cancer Tue, 14 Sep 2021 14:33:37 +0000
Bruce Anstey made a winning comeback to road racing at the 2019 Classic TT after receiving cancer treatment

When Bruce Anstey announced in April 2018 that he would not be competing in the next road racing season because of the disease it was a major shock to the closely related fraternity of sport.

It was widely known that the popular New Zealander had previously been diagnosed and treated for cancer, but news of the disease’s return sparked a wave of sympathy and concern.

Anstey’s partner Anny revealed on a Facebook post at the time that he had “multiple tumors in his lungs and a tumor in his spine and a blood clot in his lungs.”

The 52-year-old’s impressive racing CV to date includes 12 Isle of Man TT wins, plus 13 and 10 wins at the Ulster Grand Prix and North West 200 international events respectively.

But in addition to his rare talent and exploits on the track, it is Kiwi’s affable personality and laid back demeanor that has made him endearing to legions of road racing fans across the globe.

“I’m a bit of a mystery to the doctors”

“I had cancer 25 years ago and it decided to come back in 2018,” Anstey explained.

“I had a hard time with that, going through all the chemotherapy again, it was a bit of a pain.

“In the second half of 2019 I was just starting to succeed and won the 250cc Classic TT race on the Isle of Man, then Covid hit and I had to stay away for the last two years as a that my immune system is all shot down.

” Everything is fine now. I had another small operation in 2019 to get rid of it and have been clear ever since, although I still do blood tests every three months.

“The first time I had the treatment I had a really hard time, but 25 years of medication keeps you from feeling sick, so it was a lot better.

“It was still difficult but it seemed a lot easier this time because I knew what I was going to do.

“Doctors still don’t know if the cancer was the original cancer or the new one. They don’t know how I’m still there really, so I’m a bit of a mystery to them.”

Anstey’s ability to claim major wins despite attending a few select meetings each season has baffled sports watchers for years and his consistency is evidenced by the fact that he has secured at least one podium in the Big Three. international for 14 consecutive years. between 2002 and 2015.

The Wellington Rider was a Winner of the Superbike TT in 2015, the same year his accomplishments were recognized by his homeland when he became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in New Year’s Honors.

He is also a former lap record holder for the Isle of Man TT mountain course and the Grand Prix course from Ulster to Dundrod.

‘Classic TT in 2022 the goal’

“I don’t know if I’ll do the main TT again because I don’t think I’m strong enough to do six laps,” Anstey said of his plans for the future.

“But I really want to get back into the Classic TT – maybe do the 500 and 250 races – that’s my goal and I hope that will happen in 2022.

“I really want to do the Classic TT and maybe other songs in between.

“I’m just happy to be here and plan to go out and enjoy life and have as much fun as possible.”

Now resident in Northern Ireland

Bruce Anstey celebrates victory in the 2017 Ulster Grand Prix with his wife Annie
Bruce Anstey celebrates victory in the 2017 Ulster Grand Prix with his wife Annie

Previously residing in Windsor, outside London, Anstey now lives in the village of Cullybackey in County Antrim after recently moving to Northern Ireland with Anny.

“We needed a change. It’s much quieter than where I was outside London and we are looking forward to it.

“I was at Cookstown 100 on Saturday and it was great to be back because I haven’t been out for a long time.

“I hadn’t been to a bike reunion since 2019 so it was good to meet old friends. Everyone is so friendly and it was nice to chat with everyone. It’s been so long with Covid and all. “

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Silverstone BSB: McGuinness consolidates TriOptions top 5 Tue, 14 Sep 2021 13:46:26 +0000

BSB Assistance

Round six of the Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup saw John McGuinness leave Silverstone with solid finishes in both races to consolidate fifth place in the championship.

Seventh in free practice on Friday, McGuinness improved his time by nearly a second in the afternoon qualifying session on the Ducati Blue Earth Construction but remained seventh overall. Line-up in the top of the third row for Saturday’s 15-lap race on the 1.64-mile national circuit.

A good start allowed the 23-time Isle of Man TT winner to retain his seventh place and although he lost a place to Alberto Solera the next time around, Craig Neve retired shortly after to bring it back to position.

Comfortably sidelined from the group of riders behind, a surprise fall on lap 10 for race leader Josh Day promoted him to sixth, where he finished, adding another 10 points to his championship total. .

Sunday’s race was to be the same distance and thanks to a good start he placed sixth at the end of the first lap. However, the red flag came out soon after when Morecambe runner’s regular training partner Sam Cox crashed.

The race was restarted in just six laps and although he couldn’t get off as good a start this time around, he had a great battle with Solera and Neve to pass the checkered flag in eighth place. Consolidating its fifth place in the championship standings.

“It was a pleasant weekend with great weather and two other solid finishes,” McGuinness said of his visit to Silverstone. “Saturday’s race was a bit lonely and it was a surprise to see Josh crash, but it helped me move up to sixth and with Craig’s retirement I was able to get away from him in the championship standings.

“The red flag hurt me a bit in Sunday’s race and with only six laps and 57 laps it was over before I really started! I couldn’t have had such a good start but I had a great battle with Albert and Craig and although they beat me Craig only regained one point. The bike runs well and we had no problems so big thank you to all the guys and girls on the team for keeping everything running.

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