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Investors from three continents abandoned their shares on Monday, fearing that the governments of the world’s two largest economies – China and the United States – would act in ways that could undermine the nascent global economic recovery.

The Chinese government’s reluctance to step in and rescue a heavily indebted real estate developer just days before a big interest payment is due has signaled to investors that Beijing could break with its long-standing policy of bailing out local stars .

And in the United States, the world’s No.1 economy, investors feared the Federal Reserve would soon start cutting back on its massive government bond purchases, which had helped stocks hit a series of record highs since. the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The sale started in Asia and spread to Europe – where exporters to China were criticized – before landing in the United States, where stocks appeared to be heading for their worst performance of the year before. a rally at the end of the trading day. The S&P 500 closed 1.7% lower, its worst daily performance since mid-May, after losing as much as 2.9% in the afternoon.