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Retirement housing remains a ‘challenge’, but American Healthcare REIT expects to rebuild occupancy in its portfolio as inflationary pressures ease, the company told investors in a third-quarter update. .

The company on Wednesday reported a 17.9% quarter-over-quarter decline in amended operating funds, equivalent to $30.2 million, for the quarter ending Sept. 30. he said also influenced a 19% drop in funds for operations during the same period. The company declared a quarterly distribution of $0.40 per share as of September 29.

The update highlighted Q3’s “continued improvement” in American Healthcare’s integrated senior health campuses, which make up 35.3% of its portfolio. Other business segments include an operating portfolio of seniors’ residences (15%), specialized nursing facilities (6.1%), seniors’ residences – rented (3.9%), medical office buildings and hospitals.

Quality and efficiency

“We believe our properties should benefit from a greater focus on providing quality healthcare in the most efficient clinical setting,” Danny Prosky, president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “The long-term outlook for clinical healthcare real estate is positive given the favorable demographics of the coming decades, and we believe we are well positioned to maximize value for our shareholders.”

The REIT has had a turbulent year, with recent mergers making it the 11th largest healthcare REIT in the world. In August, American Healthcare REIT added former Welltower CFO Scott Estes to its board. And in September, it filed a registration statement to pursue an underwritten public offering with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Formerly known as Griffin-American Healthcare REIT IV, the company completed in October 2021 a merger with Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III and also completed the acquisition of American Healthcare Investors, the co-sponsor of the two REITs.

The combined company has a gross investment value of approximately $4.2 billion in healthcare real estate assets, with 312 facilities and campuses in the US, UK and Isle of Man.

How does the court recover money in NSF check cases if the defendant has refused to pay? – Fund management / REITs Mon, 14 Nov 2022 00:11:15 +0000

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Reforms related to NSF checks were recently introduced by the UAE government. These reforms were introduced through Federal Legislative Decree No. 14 of 2020. The new law made amendments to Federal Legislative Decree No. 18 of 1993 relating to commercial transactions (Commercial Transactions Law) and the old penal code of the United Arab Emirates.

Previous post and new changes

The main changes relate to the evolution of the delinquency attached to the offense of check without funds.

Previously, under the former Penal Code of the United Arab Emirates (Federal Law No. 3 of 1987), an NSF check due to insufficient funds could result in criminal penalties in the form of imprisonment (Section 401) . However, the new law removed this provision from the Penal Code, which effectively means that there will be no criminal liability if the check bounced due to insufficient funds.

The new law instead provides the following remedy in the event of insufficient or unavailable funds: if a check is NSF, the payee may use the NSF check to file a claim for enforcement in the courts of the UAE in under article 635 bis.

Article 635 bis of the amended law on commercial transactions states the following. “The check on which a notice of unavailability or insufficient funds is affixed by the drawee constitutes an enforceable instrument under the regulations for the application of the aforementioned Federal Law No. 11/1992, and its bearer may request total or partial forced execution.

The provisions, procedures and rules set out in the implementing regulations referred to in this article govern its execution and contestation.

The amended Commercial Transactions Act also allows the payee of the check to obtain partial payment of the check under Section 617 of the Commercial Transactions Act. This applies when the funds available are less than the value of the check. The issuer will certify that the partial payment has been made, the right of the beneficiary to collect the sums still due remaining to be recovered.

Execution procedure

Accordingly, once the bank confirms the unavailability or insufficiency of funds, Article 635 bis of the amended Law on Commercial Transactions allows the beneficiary to file a request for execution in accordance with the Civil Procedure Law (Federal Law No. 11/1992) in the courts of the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. This essentially means that enforcement proceedings can now be brought against the issuer of the check and as part of the enforcement proceedings, the court could order the seizure or seizure of chattels, shares and property real estate, etc. of the issuer of the check (up to the value of the check).

Preliminary seizure and other actions under civil procedural law

If the judgment creditor considers, on the basis of serious indications, that the debtor will flee, tamper with or conceal his funds, resulting in the loss of the guarantee of the creditor’s right, the creditor may ask the court to temporarily seize the goods and assets of the debtor under Article 111 of Cabinet Decision 57 of 2018 on Regulation of Federal Law No. 11/1992 on Civil Procedure. The court may conduct necessary investigations, request statements, evidence and affidavits before accepting the request for seizure.

In addition to the provisional seizure of the debtors’ assets, the creditor may, in accordance with Cabinet Decision 57 of 2018, as part of the enforcement proceedings, request the court to impose: (a) the seizure/seizure of the movable assets or debts of the debtor in the hands of a third party; (b) seizure/seizure of stocks, bonds, income and shares; (c) seizure/seizure and sale of real estate; and (d) bankruptcy proceedings.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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Greek island houses hidden from pirates Thu, 10 Nov 2022 20:02:51 +0000

She added that traditionally you would always build from rock on the land side, so the structure couldn’t be seen from the sea. “And because suitable rock is naturally widely scattered, communities have become [too]which meant there was less chance of everyone being discovered if the pirates invaded,” she said.

We entered their pirate-proof house, now used to store wine. The thick walls, Nikos explained, would have ensured that it remained cool in hot summers and retained heat in winter.

Locals have gone to extra lengths to make their settlements invisible to outsiders. “The structure would be low, single-story, and below the maximum height of the rock,” Eftychia said. In addition, the houses were built without chimneys to avoid columns of smoke. Instead, a stone on either side of the mortarless walls would be removed while the fire pit was in use, allowing the smoke to subtly dissipate. People would only interact at night. According to Mazari, in the days of the pirates, they rarely even kept dogs for fear that the sound would alert invaders.

Anti-pirate houses may have been erected as emergency retreats, but they had a lasting effect on Ikarian society, long after warships sent by the United States, Britain, France and Russia finally ended the race in the Aegean in the 1820s. The tendency of villages to remain mountain-based and scattered, and that of islanders to stay awake late at night, are both attributed to the pirate era. Even places of worship built in an anti-pirate style survive, such as the Theoskepasti Chapel which weaves its way dramatically into a rocky overhang near Evdilos.

Prime Kapital to develop a 330 million euro mixed-use real estate project in Romania Thu, 03 Nov 2022 14:39:00 +0000

BUCHAREST (Romania), November 3 (SeeNews) – Prime Kapital, a real estate developer, investor and operator active in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), announced on Thursday its intention to invest 330 million euros (321.26 million dollars) in a mixed-use complex project in the city of Cluj-Napoca, in northwestern Romania.

The urban regeneration project aims to transform an industrial platform of 17.1 ha into a mixed-use development which includes a shopping center of approximately 75,000 m² of gross leasable area (GLA), a residential complex of 1,400 apartments and an office space of more than 49,000 m². m GLA, Prime Kapital said in a press release.

It is estimated that the project will generate 9,000 permanent jobs and support 3,000 construction jobs while contributing approximately more than €60 million to the local budget during the construction period and the following ten years.

In 2016, Prime Kapital entered into a joint venture partnership with MAS PLC, an Isle of Man registered property investor with a CEE focused property portfolio.

In September, Prime Kapital and MAS PLC announced plans to invest nearly €2 billion in retail, office and residential developments in Romania by 2029, having secured over 1.5 million square meters of land to be developed.

In March, Prime Kapital announced that it had raised a €125 million green club loan facility based on project finance for five new, recently opened retail properties in Romania and a sixth which was under development in the time.

($=1.0272 euros)

Isle of Man firm hits back at claims by Russian oligarchs Thu, 27 Oct 2022 06:43:59 +0000

A billionaire Russian investor in Silicon Valley companies was, according to a news report, able to funnel his wealth through a trust, a business services and fund administration company on the Isle of Man called Bridgewaters. The firm denounced the article as deliberately misleading.

Bridgewaters, an Isle of Man-based trust, business services and fund administration company, described claims that it is at the heart of a “Russian monetary network” as “intentionally misleading”.

Bridgewaters was mentioned in a the wall street journalArticle from October 25. The article read: “A Silicon Valley laser startup that went public in February had a surprising investor: a Russian billionaire. The deal, through a series of offshore companies and a venture capital fund, allowed the oligarch, Alisher Usmanov, to shift more of his vast wealth to the West. The fund’s stake in the IPO was valued at $175 million.

“The company has helped structure a business empire for its clients that has included investments in US technology companies such as Meta Platforms Inc, Twitter and Airbnb Inc.; investment in a company that would sell surveillance equipment to the Russian government and real estate throughout Europe. The newspaper cited documents it had reviewed.

The WSJ continued: “To trace Russian assets, the Journal sifted through thousands of corporate documents, many of which have been made public in recent years in major leaks of financial documents from offshore service companies, including Panama, Pandora and Paradise Papers.”

With the treatment of Russians being a prominent KYC and anti-money laundering compliance issue since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, the way advisors and firms treat these customers is a hot topic.

Bridgewaters sent an email Heritage Briefing about the item.

“The article gives an incomplete, often contradictory and intentionally misleading picture of the real situation. The report makes no allegation of wrongdoing; however, this insinuates that Bridgewaters acted inappropriately or unlawfully, this is categorically rejected,” the company said.

“Bridgewaters takes its obligations as a regulated business very seriously and we regularly and voluntarily extend our full cooperation to any regulator or relevant competent authority that requests information,” he continued. Bridgewaters had and continues to have a diverse global customer base, although we have had Russian customers over the years, as well as customers based in several other jurisdictions. Several of the individuals noted in the WSJ article have never been engaged as clients of Bridgewaters.

“In terms of penalties in place for individuals and businesses, Bridgewaters takes its reporting obligations very seriously and strictly adheres to the restrictions in place in all relevant jurisdictions. Where necessary, legal advice has been sought and all relevant client matters are monitored daily,” he said. “Following the introduction of the Russia-related sanctions earlier this year, we have put in place additional procedures and checks which are undertaken on all transactions and payments to ensure we remain fully compliant.”

The company was established in 1996 and is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.


Hidden Isle: Discovering Fårö by Ingmar Bergman Sat, 22 Oct 2022 10:30:55 +0000

(Credits: Far Out / Flickr / Wikimedia)


During Ingmar Bergman’s stay in Fårö, he kept a sign on the gate of his private residence that read: “beware of the killer dog”. It was just one of the director’s attempts to protect his privacy. The inhabitants of the island were also implicated. if a tourist asked “Where does Mr. Bergman live?” they would all pretend not to know, leaving the hapless traveler to be caught out in a rainstorm – Bergman’s favorite climate.

Since the director’s death, Fårö has become a place of pilgrimage for moviegoers around the world. He first visited the island in 1960 shortly before the release of Through dark glass, immediately falling in love with its jagged cliffs and vast beaches. “If one wanted to be solemn, one could say that I had found my true home,” Bergman wrote in his memoir. “If you wanted to be lightweight, you could say it was love at first sight.” Five years after setting foot on the island, he decided to settle there permanently.

Bergman’s relationship with Fårö was one of mutual exchange. Several of his films were shot on the island, including Anna’s passion, shame, scenes from a wedding (which was filmed at his ex-wife’s residence), Through Dark Glass, Persona and two documentaries, including one from 1969 Fårö Documentconcerned the island itself.

The same year he made Fårö Document, Bergman – along with his partner Liv Ullman and their daughter Linn – moved into Hammars’ house, one of the residences that make up the Bergman Estate in Fårö, all of which are open to the public.


We begin with Bergman’s private residence, which he moved into on a summer evening in 1967. Built to blend under pine canvas, it overlooks the rough fringes of the Baltic Sea. The director lived and worked here until his death in 2007. Over the years, this domestic bliss has been quietly perfected. Each room fulfills a specific function: there’s Ingrid Bergman’s contemplation room, the conversation room, the two offices and the director’s personal library, which is full of diaries, books and VHS tapes of some of the films director’s favourites. Buñuel, Tarkovsky, Spielberg, Stallone.

Today, Hammars is as much a Bergman time capsule as it is a fashionable 1970s setting. From aromatic pine-paneled walls and ceilings to cream carpeting (no shoes here) and giant windows overlooking the sea , it’s easy to see why Bergman found this place so comfortable to work in.


In the woods behind Hammars you will find Ängen. Surrounded by meadows of wildflowers and wild strawberries. the chalk-white brick building was built in the Gotland style and sits behind a wall covered in hedges, giving it the impression of being intertwined with the landscape.

Ängen offers bright and spacious rooms, a cozy fireplace to keep residents warm during the winter months and its own guest house, Drängstugan, which consists of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom private bathroom and living room upstairs.


Skrivstugan, otherwise known as The Writing Lodge, is a modest wooden cottage nestled just steps from one of Faro’s best beaches. Hidden by a grove of low pine trees and one of Fårö’s traditional stone fences, this is one of the most secluded residences on the island. There are no distractions here; only the birds, the sea and the vast sky above.

The Writing Lodge made an appearance in 1973 scenes from a wedding, in which he served as the backdrop for the scene in which Johan and Marianne reconcile their differences.


This renovated farmhouse, the central location of Mia Hansen-Løve’s recent film Bergman Island, dates from 1854 and overlooks the marshes of nearby Dämba träsk. It is also a short walk (or bike ride) from the sea.

The Dämba farm consists of the main house, an annex (Flygeln), an old windmill (Kvarnen) and a barn converted into a private cinema (Biografen), where Bergman came to watch films every day. You’ll also find a lush garden crowned with fruit trees and a lilac hedge supposedly haunted by the ghost of a former judge. The cinema is a 15-seat private screening room, which was converted into a barn in 1967. It was here that Bergman received guests every day at three o’clock sharp. The delay resulted in a reprimand. Today, Bergman’s front-row seat remains reserved for the man himself. Maybe the old judge isn’t the only ghost haunting Dämba.

Sentencing of landlords who terrorized tenants of Cliftonville property – The Isle Of Thanet News Wed, 12 Oct 2022 13:33:14 +0000
Sohila Tamiz, , Pedram Tamiz, Adam McChesney and Kasem El Darrat Photos TDC

Four people guilty of a total of 28 charges of conspiracy to unlawfully evict and harass tenants of Athelstan Road in Cliftonville have been jailed.

In a case being pursued by Thanet District Council, Judge Rupert Lowe, sitting at Canterbury Crown Court, handed down a sentence on Monday (October 10) against the four defendants who threatened, harassed and assaulted tenants. In one case, a tenant was doused with gasoline and punched which knocked out several teeth.

Sohila Tamiz Photo TDC

The main defendant, Sohila Tamiz, of Flint Lane, Lenham, was given 14 custodial sentences ranging from six to 12 months, some concurrent and some consecutive. This resulted in a total sentence of five years imprisonment.

Thanet District Council has brought what is believed to be the biggest prosecution of its kind, for offenses under the Protection Against Eviction Act 1977, after investigating a series of related allegations of criminal activity taking place in a building containing 26 apartments.

Tenants of the Athelstan Road property were regularly harassed, threatened and unlawfully evicted without notice; the locks were changed and the personal belongings of some tenants removed or thrown into the street. The power supply was regularly cut off.

The allegations shared with council officers were of an extremely serious nature. The lawsuit was brought to seek justice for some of the community’s most vulnerable residents and to deter others from committing similar acts.

Pedram Tamiz Photo TDC

Of the three other defendants in the case, Pedram Tamiz, also of Flint Lane, Lenham, was given seven custodial sentences ranging from five to 11 months, some concurrent and some consecutive, culminating in a sentence total of three years and four months’ imprisonment.

Adam McChesney Photo TDC

Adam McChesney, of Gloucester Avenue, Margate, was given five custodial sentences ranging from six to eight months, some concurrent and some consecutive. This resulted in a total sentence of one year and eight months in prison. Mr McChesney’s full sentence was suspended for 24 months by Judge Lowe, who further ordered that he must perform 250 hours of unpaid work.

Kasem El Darrat Photo TDC

Kasem El Darrat, of Athelstan Road, Margate, was sentenced to a 12 month community order and must complete 150 hours of unpaid work and attend 15 days of rehabilitation activity requirement.

In July 2022, the four were found guilty by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court of a total of 28 offenses including conspiracy to unlawfully evict a tenant, conspiracy to burglary and conspiracy to to interfere and directly interfere with the peace or comfort of a residential occupant.

Counsel also asked the court to compensate the victims.

Judge Lowe accepted the claims, saying: “These are real victims who suffered terror, shock and distress, loss of property and, in one case, serious injury. So I think the compensation orders are appropriate.

Ten compensation orders have been made totaling £30,500, which are to be paid by Sohila Tamiz, Pedram Tamiz and Adam McChesney in varying proportions.

Cllr Ash Ashbee, Leader of Thanet District Council, said: “The sentences the judge handed down today reflect the seriousness of the crimes committed by these four people.

“This was a historic prosecution for us, and one of the largest ever for this type of criminal activity in England. This result sends a strong message to other owners and officers in the area that we will not hesitate not to sue you if you unlawfully evict or harass your tenants.

“I would like to thank the council’s private sector housing team who worked tirelessly on this case for over three years and were determined to get justice for the victims.”

Applications for criminal behavior orders have also been made by the council. The court accepted restraining orders against Sohila Tamiz and Pedram Tamiz. The orders, which are of indefinite duration unless re-ordered, prohibit them from engaging in rental agency or property management activities and from acting as as a homeowner in England. Neither party is permitted to enter Athelstan Road or Hadlow Drive, Margate for any purpose.

Judge Lowe also ordered Sohila Tamiz, Pedram Tamiz and Adam McChesney, in varying proportions, to pay prosecution costs of £200,000. Sohila Tamiz must pay £125,000 within 18 months; Pedram Tamiz is due to pay £62,500 within 18 months and Adam McChesney is due to pay £12,500 within 36 months. The four culprits must also pay a legal surcharge.

Illegal migrants arrested after entering Minnesota Mon, 10 Oct 2022 20:58:47 +0000

ROSEAU, Minn. (AP) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection said 12 migrants from Ireland and Great Britain were arrested after illegally entering the United States in northern Minnesota.

Border Patrol agents, with the help of local law enforcement, intercepted the human smuggling attempt within two days in late September, the agency said over the weekend. .

An agent at the Warroad Border Patrol Station learned that two vehicles entered the United States illegally near Roseau on Sept. 25, according to a news release.

The officer drove south on Highway 89 toward Grygla and spotted the two vehicles at a gas station.

One of the vehicles drove off as the officer approached, but the officer made contact with the other driver, leading to the arrest of four migrants, the agency said.

The next day, an International Falls Border Patrol agent saw the other vehicle at a restaurant in Bemidji. The car was empty so the officer drove to a nearby hotel and spoke to a front desk clerk who said a couple had recently checked in but left shortly before the arrival of the ‘agent.

With the help of the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office, the officer then located the couple and eight migrants who were arrested.

Earlier this year, a Florida man was charged with human trafficking in Minnesota after the bodies of four people in Canada were found near the US border. Authorities said the four men froze to death in a blizzard during a failed crossing attempt.

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WATCH: Check out the 50 best beach towns in America

Every beach town has its share of pros and cons, which got us thinking about what makes a beach town the best in which to live. To find out, Stacker looked at data from WalletHub, released on June 17, 2020, which compares US beach towns. The ratings are based on six categories: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. Cities ranged from 10,000 to 150,000 people, but they had to have at least one local beach listed on TripAdvisor. Read the full methodology here. From this ranking, we’ve selected the top 50. Readers who live in California and Florida won’t be surprised to learn that many of the cities featured here are in one of these two states.

Keep reading to see if your favorite beach town made the cut.

Here’s why SITE Centers (SITC) is an Apt portfolio choice now Fri, 07 Oct 2022 14:35:00 +0000

A portfolio of well-located properties in suburban and high-income areas of the United States, with peak concentrations in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, positions SITE Centers‘ SITC good for growth. Additionally, the focus on tenants with necessity-based businesses and an aggressive capital recycling program bodes well.

A remote work scenario and consumer shifts to the suburbs have increased demand for this retail real estate investment trust (REIT) properties, driving steady traffic. In addition, working from home has led to increased traffic on weekdays. This positive trend has helped SITC generate decent cash flow and is expected to continue over the coming quarters.

In addition, the majority of SITC’s tenants in its shopping centers are essential to retail businesses that meet the daily needs of consumers. Of the 99 wholly-owned shopping centers, 67% had a quality grocer or discounter as their anchor tenant. This helps the company to generate stable income in times of uncertainty.

To improve its portfolio, SITE Centers has adopted an aggressive capital recycling program whereby it sheds slow-growing assets and redeploys the proceeds to acquire high-end shopping centers in the United States.

In the second quarter of 2022, SITE Centers disposed of 14 shopping centers and a parcel in a wholly-owned shopping center for $268.1 million ($94.6 million in company share). From early 2022 to July 22, 2022, SITE Centers acquired nine shopping centers for a total purchase price of $269.7 million. These co-financing initiatives reflect the company’s prudent capital management practices and relieve pressure on its balance sheet.

SITE Centers has a decent balance sheet position with ample liquidity. It ended the second quarter of 2022 with $864 million in cash and an average net debt prorated to adjusted EBITDA of 5.4X.

SITC also enjoys an investment grade credit rating of BBB-/Baa3/BBB with a stable outlook from S&P/Moody’s/Fitch, respectively, which gives it favorable access to the debt market. With a solid capital base and sufficient financial flexibility, it is well placed to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities.

Analysts seem bullish on this Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) stock. Zacks consensus estimate for funds from operations (FFO) per company share in 2022 has been revised up slightly in the past two months to $1.16.

However, given the conveniences of online shopping, the growing adoption of e-commerce is a concern for SITE Centers. Online retailing is likely to remain a popular choice among customers, which will negatively impact the market share of physical stores.

SITE Centers also faces fierce competition from several corporations and property developers, which limits its ability to increase rental rates, including renewal rates, and to fill vacancies.

In addition, an increase in interest rates will increase SITC’s borrowing costs and may affect its ability to purchase or develop real estate.

Shares of SITC have lost 17.2% over the past three months, compared to a 9.7% decline for the industry.

Image source: Zacks Investment Research

Other actions to consider

Some other top-ranked stocks in the REIT sector are Kimco Real Estate Kim, Regency centers REG and Kite Real Estate Group Trust KRG, each wearing a Zacks rank of 2. You can see the full list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

The Zacks consensus estimate for Kimco Realty’s FFO per share for the year has moved 1.3% north in the past two months to $1.56.

The Zacks consensus estimate for Regency Centers’ FFO per share for the current year has risen 1.8% over the past two months to $3.96.

The Zacks consensus estimate for 2022 FFO per Kite Realty Group Trust share has risen 1.6% over the past two months to $1.85.

Note: Everything related to earnings presented in this description represents funds from operations (FFO) – a metric widely used to assess the performance of REITs.

This Little-Known Semiconductor Stock Could Be Your Portfolio’s Inflation Hedge

Everyone uses semiconductors. But only a small number of people know what they are and what they do. If you use a smartphone, computer, microwave, digital camera, or refrigerator (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg), you need semiconductors. This is why their importance cannot be overstated and their disruption in the supply chain has such a global effect. But every cloud has a silver lining. The shockwaves on the international supply chain from the global pandemic have exposed a tremendous opportunity for investors. And today, Zacks’ top stock strategist reveals the single semiconductor stock with the most to gain in a new FREE report. It’s yours at no cost and no obligation.>>Yes, I want to help protect my portfolio during the recession

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Zacks Investment Research

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The Phineas Cole fall collection defines the stylish gentleman’s wardrobe for his urban and country lifestyle Mon, 03 Oct 2022 10:00:00 +0000

Designed by Creative Director Ralph Auriemme for the quality and style conscious gentleman

NEW YORK, October 32022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Creative Director Ralph Auriemme was inspired by the image of an Edwardian gentleman for the new Fall of Phineas Cole 2022 collection this season. “The Edwardian Gentleman collection is for the modern man who wants to look well-groomed while feeling comfortable in his clothes. He is always well dressed, no matter where he is or what he is doing” , says Auriemma.

The highlight of this group is a custom woven silk evening jacket that features an Art Deco-inspired print of the city’s skyscrapers with a silk rope frog closure. Retail is $3295. It is simply paired with black wool flannel pants. There’s also a black cashmere sports jacket with a black velvet collar and hack pockets that pairs with a shirt in black and lavender stripes. The Harrier velvet slip-on loafers are our new classic style at Paul Stuart that complements this look perfectly.

For winter nights, there’s a long, hooded black down coat that’s definitely not meant for the ski slopes. For warmer days, a quilted gilet in soft nylon with a silver finish. A 3-piece suit in lightly constructed suede wool and an 8-button double-breasted jacket with bronze buttons in the same material sell for $1995. The pants in this collection feature saddle-back waistbands on the pants for added comfort. Auriemma says, “The Edwardian gentleman is classic in his tastes but modern in his sensibility and vision.”

Trevor ShimpkyCEO and President Paul Stuart says, “These new styles from Auriemma for the Phineas Cole collection are out of this world. These are stylish men’s clothes that will truly be collector’s items in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

Auriemma was inspired by vintage photos of well-dressed sportsmen for the Phineas Cole sportswear collection. These new styles are ideal for any activity that takes place outdoors, but are just as suitable for time spent indoors. The collection is filled with many classic chunky knit textures and various materials including leather, cashmere, paisley and checks. Auriemma says: “When I started designing this Phineas Cole collection, I went back to the original Scottish factories that the company has always worked with for the unique Fair Isle and Shetland sweaters and yardage for pants and jackets. “For example, there are Donegal tweed cashmere jumpers with pointed collars and cuffs to wear with a classic tweed sports jacket. There is a luxurious brown suede shirt with patch pockets and cargo trousers matching to wear with silk shirts that feature contemporary bird and butterfly prints retailed for $1195. Paul Stuart EnglishSuede Chelsea boots complete these styles with sturdy Vibram soles. Auriemma says, “All of these things bring me joy in design.”

The outdoor theme continues with a woolen safari jacket with a half belt for $1795 which pairs with a hunter green sweater. It is accessorized with an oversized silk scarf with an equestrian print. Bright yellow and purple shawl collar wrap cardigans can also be worn as a blazer. The finishing touch includes an oversized cashmere blanket scarf for $1295. New Made to Measure styles in this collection include the Cooper, a pre-washed cashmere corduroy suit with button-down zip vest in green, blue and burgundy.

About Paul Stuart:
Based at New York CityPaul Stuart, Inc. was founded by Ralph Ostrove and the name of his son Paul Stuart Ostrove, has remained in its original location since its opening in 1938. The company designs exclusive collections of bespoke apparel, activewear and accessories for men and women. Additional stores are located in Southampton, NY, Chicagoand washington d.c.

Media Contact

Lisa WellsPaul Stuart, 917-613-7370,

SOURCEPaul Stuart