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For years, developers of free and open source software have said all those who listen that their projects need better financial assistance and better supervision. Now, after a number of disastrous incidents involving open source code, the feds and Silicon Valley may finally be listening.

A Encounter At the White House on Thursday, executives from some of the biggest tech companies met with administration officials to discuss the need for better security in the open source community. The list of attendees included big names like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and Apple, among others.

Unlike proprietary software, ohpen source software is free, publicly viewable, and can be used or modified by anyone. Due to the usefulness of open source tools, large companies often use them for development purposes. Corn, unfortunately, open source projects need to be monitored and funded to stay secure, and they don’t always get it. For years, open source developers have complained that their software needs better support from Big Tech and other institutional players, an issue that is finally getting mainstream attention.

It’s not hard to see why the White House called its meeting right now. Just a month or two ago a pernicious bug was found in the popular open-source Apache logging library log4j. The troubled program, which is used by just about everyone, caused widespread panic in the tech industry as companies rushed to fix systems and products that depended on the library to succeed. (Apache Software Foundation officials were also present at Thursday’s meeting.)

Log4j isn’t the only open source debacle to happen lately. Just last week, the creator of two widely used software tools inexplicably decided disable them via a number of weird software updates. Marak Squires, the man behind popular JavaScript libraries False and Colors, strangely blitzed programs and managed to take down thousands of other software projects that depended on them for success.

In short: there is clearly room for improvement and, thankfully, attendees at the recent White House meeting appear quite favorable to that. At the meeting, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan apparently called open source software a “key national security issue.” Likewise, Google President of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker issued a statement on the company’s blog on Thursday, saying he wanted to see better support for the open source community.

“For too long, the software community has comforted itself with the assumption that open source software is generally secure because of its transparency and the assumption that ‘many eyes’ are watching to detect and fix problems” , Walker said. “But in fact, while some projects have a lot of eyes on them, others have few or none at all.”

In his statement, Walker further suggests increased public and private support for open source projects, the establishment of security and testing baselines, and the development of a rubric to identify “critical” projects – the type which is widely used (i.e., probably something like log4j).

Exactly what the government and other members of Big Tech have in mind for better open source security isn’t entirely clear at this point, but the fact that they’re talking about it seems like a good sign.

Start your sustainability journey in 2022 – Corporate/Commercial Law Wed, 12 Jan 2022 13:33:23 +0000

UK: Start your sustainability journey in 2022

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What better time to start a new initiative than in a new year!?! 2021 has been full of messages of “building back better” as individuals and businesses rethink the way they should do things. Now that we’re refreshed from our December vacation, let’s turn those thoughts into actions for 2022!

It’s easy to write and say but where to really start?

At Albert Goodman we can offer you two different options to help you start your journey. One option is to focus only on carbon and the second is to think about sustainability more broadly and integrate it throughout your business.


If your primary goal is to focus on your carbon impact on the environment, a good place to start would be to measure your current carbon footprint based on how your business currently operates. We recommend that you use the methodology set out in the simplified energy and carbon regulations as a starting point, as it focuses primarily on the scope 1 and 2 emissions that are those under your control. Once you have this data, you can then analyze it to understand which areas of your business are the most carbon-heavy, and then plan how you might reduce this over time.


If, however, you want to take a more comprehensive approach to sustainability, a first action point could be to carry out an environmental and social governance (ESG) health check. We have an ESG Health Check which includes approximately 35 strategic level questions and is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as other regulations for sustainable practices. Once the health check is complete, you will receive a score showing how durable you are currently. You will also receive some suggested action points which can then be used to develop a broader sustainability strategy.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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Civil lawsuits against Trump seek damages for January 6 attack Tue, 11 Jan 2022 01:13:33 +0000

WASHINGTON – Members of Congress, police and government watchdogs argued in federal court Monday that Donald J. Trump was responsible for significant financial damage for his role in inspiring the January 6 attack against Congress, by initiating a series of civil lawsuits against the former president amid growing frustration that he faced no punishment for the riot.

For nearly five hours in U.S. District Court for Washington, lawyers made their case against Mr. Trump, saying he deserved to be held accountable for setting a violent crowd on fire, despite protections generally broad in matters of immunity for the speech and actions of a president. during his tenure.

“Sir. Trump sent the crowd he gathered,” said Joseph Sellers, counsel for a group of House Democrats including Representatives Barbara Lee of California, Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey and Hank Johnson. from Georgia. “After seeing that they were breaking into the Capitol, instead of trying to calm them down, he retweeted his inflammatory remarks from the rally before.”

In a hearing to see whether the lawsuits can go ahead, Judge Amit P. Mehta focused on why Mr. Trump failed to act faster to quash the crowd. He asked Mr Trump’s lawyers if the president’s slowness in response was proof that he was okay with the siege after he told the crowd to ‘fight like hell’ and march to the Capitol.