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New Businesses in Castle Street |

Zoe Guilford and Gemma Wasley, owners of Loft 11 on Castle Street, Douglas – Print and digital download photos available having a baby in May made us realize that family is key so we decided not to renew our lease If “coffee, cocktail, sleep, rehearsal” sounds like an inviting prospect, …

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Cities where people buy houses with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized digital currency, enabling people to acquire investments around the world. Bitcoin’s inherent transactional security, transparency, and low-cost money transfers make it one of the most trusted payment methods for various products and services, including real estate. Although governments around the world are still debating …

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Why the Schuylkill River real estate was flooded

Designing for resilience Developers and some elected officials disagree with arguments that development in floodplains is too risky. They argue that major flooding is rare, and that repeated successful evacuations actually show that buildings in flood-prone areas meet safety guidelines while also meeting demand for housing in quaint riverside neighborhoods. …

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