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Fourteen companies on the island have obtained UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man accreditation after completing training in sustainable practices.

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man has partnered with the Department of Business, Chamber of Commerce, One World Center and University College Isle of Man to organize ‘Sustainable Mann’, a series of six-part pilot workshops to businesses.

Experts moderated sessions on starting and growing a sustainable business, energy use, climate change mitigation, recycling, adopting a circular economy approach and the effects of their decisions about wildlife and nature.

The content of the session was created following a survey asking companies what training they would like.

Fourteen companies completed the six sessions, which earned them the accreditation certificate.

One of them was Ballakelly Farm, in Andreas, which raises cattle, sheep and pigs and sells meat directly to the public through its online store.

Clare Barber MHK, Minister of Environment, Food and Agriculture, congratulated the participants, saying: “Businesses have far-reaching effects on the environment, by manufacturing, influencing investments, consuming energy, creating waste and traveling.

“By taking positive action in their day-to-day operations, they can contribute to the sustainable future we all aspire to.

“These positive actions also influence their workforce, their customers and their suppliers. “

The Minister added: “It is heartwarming to see so many busy companies attending the sessions and to be able to award the very first accreditation to 14 companies who attended the six workshops. I know they are resuming their learning to make changes to the within their organizations.

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