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Hi all Saint Mick.

Isn’t a living surfer, pro or not, who has emerged from the chrysalis of his boozy twenties, brainless and spineless, and transformed into such a soulful butterfly like three-time world champion Mick Fanning.

Fanning, who turns 42 on Monday and grew up in Tweed Heads, where life on a boring barstool for girls working in taps is pretty much all you can aspire to, has become the most great philanthropist of surfing.

During ‘once in a thousand’ floods on the New South Wales north coast, about an hour south of Mick’s Seal on the Gold Coast, he spent days on his jetski evacuating the wretched from their aquatic prisons.

And, now, Mick is auctioning off a five-day vacation at his Hamptons-themed three-story home on an eleven-thousand-square-foot beachfront lot in Bilinga, directly across from Coolangatta Airport, for raise funds for flood victims. .

Mick paid $3.25 million for the block in 2011 and built the three-level home, with an elevator, two years later.

It’s the same place, you’ll remember, a mysterious Venetian blonde landed a few years ago.

Sarah Foote, thirty-nine years old from Ballina, “an obsessed mother”was charged with following Fanning between January 29 and February 4, the burglary allegedly occurred on February 2.

Foote was accused of sending four letters (“Rapid handwritten letters with accusations of pedophilia, declarations of love for Fanning and thoughts of wanting to kill him”), three by post, one delivered personally.

Each included hand-drawn love hearts, a self-portrait of Ms Foote and one contained a beaded bracelet.

The extracts were chilling.

“I want to kill you sometimes…to end our occasional miserable bullshit…I wouldn’t want to end our best times though.” Because I have so much love for you and would love to see what’s in store for us in the future.

“You really are a strange man.”

“What’s wrong with you? Or for that matter, what’s wrong with you?

“I can be a real bitch.”

“The places I loved have always been marred by murder.”

“I smelled a murdered corpse in Rockhampton. She was very stinky, worse than any road kill I’ve ever smelled.

“I met a child killer, she suffocated her baby. He only spent a year in a mental hospital, then was only released to murder another child.

“IDK when we reincarnate together in this world.”

Anyway, Mick doesn’t live there anymore, he bought a little joint on the beach with his own skate ramp, “a three million dollar masterpiece”, but offer enough money and you could legally own the old place for five days.

Currently, the highest bid is $16,044, the auction portion of the Mick Fanning Charity Golf Tournament, which will be held on June 10. Steph has a board in there and former world number one tennis ace Ash Barty gives a signed racquet.

A local real estate agent, Mishy Canning, also involved in the philanthropy game, says Fanning has been a hero over the past few months.

“He was out there in the community and was on the water meeting everyone and was really affected by their stories,” Canning said. “When you’re on the pitch and you see how people are affected, it’s quite emotionally daunting. He (Mick Fanning) and his wife have worked tirelessly to raise funds for the families.

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