Ballakelly is the first farm to achieve UNESCO status in the Isle of Man |

Ballakelly Farm recently became the first agricultural business to achieve UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man accreditation.

Farm’s David Wormald and Rachel Teare took six Sustainable Mann sessions on starting and growing a sustainable business, using energy, mitigating climate change, recycling, adopting a circular economy approach and the effects of their decisions on wildlife and nature.

Rachel explained that it was about making the farm “sustainable and regenerative”.

She said, “This is really the new path that we are all on together – changing the way we farm.

“We need to get back to ‘old style’ farming and I think for once the Isle of Man is ahead of that, we’re already well ahead of the big commercial farms.

“We could all make the biggest difference if we all started buying sustainable food.”

Ballakelly was the only agricultural company to take part in the course, but Rachel added that she hopes the banking and investment companies that take part will continue to encourage investment in green businesses.

David Wormald said: “For us it was important to get Ballakelly Farm noticed in this area and to be one of the first farms to gain accreditation.

‘I found the course extremely interesting and very cleverly compiled.

“There were some very interesting facts and very practical steps.

“I loved the diversity of companies participating, not just banks and finance companies, but also a recycling company – it was a really wide range.

“One of the most interesting sessions was about recycling. Everyone thinks that everything on the island is thrown in the incinerator, but that explains exactly what happens to all the objects that are put for recycling.

“I will absolutely recycle every piece of paper and plastic from now on, and do it the right way.”

David added that he thought it would definitely be a good thing to do for other agricultural businesses.

He said: “During my limited time on the island and in the farming community, I feel like people want to do the right thing.”

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