Are you going in the summer?

It’s the festive season, but are flight cancellation issues deterring Manxes from heading overseas?

The Isle of Man Examiner asked the public on the promenade if travel disruption had changed their plans and when was the last time they were off the island.

Neil Ferns, from Onchan, last traveled abroad in March with his family in Tenerife, and had planned to go to Malta later this year but is now changing his plans.

He said: ‘We were going to go on holiday in mid-August, hoping to go somewhere like Malta, but we postponed due to chaos with flights from the island and obviously the UK Also united. So now we are going to spend a week in Newquay, Cornwall.

“I recently looked at the direct flights to Palma but they were all fully booked so maybe next year I will look at that to remove the Isle of Man bit.

“We used the ferry on our last two trips just to make sure we got off the island.”

“The number of canceled flights off the Isle of Man just isn’t worth it.”

Elizabeth and John Maddren, from Leeds, are on holiday in the Isle of Man and have not been affected by any travel disruptions.

Ms Maddren, who is returning to the island for the first time since 1956, said: ‘Everything with our trip was perfect including UK trains and flights.

“The big difference between the last time I came and now is Douglas beach, I remember when I was a kid there were a lot of holidaymakers, but now people go to Spain for cheaper good weather and guaranteed.”

Mr Maddren, 79, said: ‘We were actually very impressed with the travel and transport here, the bus service was excellent and we got everywhere.

“The island is also very reasonably priced compared to England, I’m very impressed with that.”

Derek and Barbara Jones from Onchan avoided travel hassles by arranging a direct flight to Mallorca in June.

Ms Jones, 72, said: ‘There is no overnight stay and there is no worry about missing a connecting flight due to fog.

When asked if there were any plans for another holiday later this year, they said: ‘We were thinking of going to Turkey and seeing how all the flight chaos really unfolds. We would also like to go to The New Forest [in Hampshire, UK]it’s a nice idea.

Stephen Douglas, from Marown, plans to avoid the hassle of travel disruption by not traveling abroad, opting instead for a UK holiday.

Mr Douglas said: “We’re going on tour in Yorkshire and Northumberland, me and my wife, and we’re not going any further than that this year.”

“We have an office in Manchester and I work a lot in Dublin and London, and because I travel a lot with work, my experience has been that the planes are very late, the airports are busy and I think a lot flights are cancelled.

“It’s too complicated, a vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Will we get there? Won’t we? Are we going to have to stay somewhere. We don’t really want to go through the hassle.

“It all sounds very negative, but I probably have these experiences because I travel almost every week and some airports have been brilliant.” I have to say Gatwick airport was just fine for me but Manchester airport was terrible, I avoided it.

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