Air passenger rights increase in April 2022 – what this means for your holiday

Chancellor Rishi Sunak addressed the issue of air passenger rights (APD) in his October 2021 autumn budget, promising to shake up the cost of domestic and long-haul flights. There will be changes from April 2022, and further changes a year later.

Under current rules, ODA is charged in two tranches – tranche A where the distance between London and the capital of the destination country is between 0 and 2,000 miles, and tranche B if the distance is more than 2,000 miles. From April 2022, the price of an economy class ticket for passengers over the age of 16 has been frozen for Band A at the same fares as applied in 2021, i.e. £13 for the reduced fare, £26 for the standard fare and £78 for the standard fare. the highest rate.

But air passenger rights will increase for flights to Band B. Those traveling to Band B locations will see an increase from £82 to £84 for the reduced ODA fare, from £180 to £185 for the standard fare is £541. at £554 for the highest rate.

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The government defines Band A destinations as:

  • all EU and EEA countries including Corsica, Gibraltar, Madeira, Sicily, Svalbard, Azores, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Western Sahara
  • countries outside the EU – Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia
  • independent regions – the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man
  • non-EU countries – Albania, Andorra, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russian Federation (west of Urals only), Greenland, Faroe Islands, San Marino, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Kosovo

Any other destination – for example, the United States – falls into band B. The final airport landing point shown on a ticket is an indication of the tax band you are in. For those who go on vacation to distant destinations, the cost of travel will become more expensive. But if you’re only going to mainland Spain or the Canary Islands, for example, the tax added to your ticket won’t change. Note that the popular holiday destination of Turkey is still part of Band A, so if you want to go there this year, there is no increase in the cost of the trip.

The reduced rate of air passenger duty applies to aircraft with a distance between seats of less than 40 inches. If it’s more than that, the standard rate applies. And the highest rate is for planes over 20 tons that have less than 19 seats. Passengers who pay to upgrade their seat will be upgraded to APD’s higher class, but those unexpectedly offered a free upgrade will remain in a standard class, the government said.

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Further changes will come for April 2023, when air passenger rights on domestic flights (within the UK) will be halved, the Chancellor said.

Mr Sunak said in his autumn budget: ‘Flights between airports in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will, from April 2023, be subject to a new rate Reduced customs duty on air passengers. This will help reduce the cost of living, with 9 million passengers seeing their service cut in half. This will bring people together across the UK.

“And because they tend to have a higher proportion of domestic passengers, that’s a boost for regional airports like Aberdeen, Belfast, Inverness and Southampton.”

He also said he would make changes to reduce carbon emissions from aviation, saying most came from international rather than domestic flights. From April 2023, a new ultra long-haul band for air passengers will cover flights over 5,500 miles, with an economy fare of £91. Less than 5% of passengers will pay more, but those who fly the farthest will pay the most, he said.

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