A rare pre-WWI motorcycle will be exhibited at the future TT Gallery


A rare TT motorcycle from before WWI is expected to be on display at the future TT Gallery at the Manx Museum.

Manx National Heritage claims that the AJS 350cc built in 1913 was one of the few pre-war surviving British racing machines and was owned by Billy Jones of Wrexham, who competed with her in the 1914 Junior TT finishing in the fourth place.

Matthew Richardson, Manx National Heritage Curator for Social History, says: “The pre-WWI Isle of Man racing era was one of the most interesting in the history of motorsport on the island. The pilots were true pioneers, with no real protective gear, with primitive brakes and on roads made up in many places of little more than gravel or rutted cart tracks.

“This 1913 AJS perfectly captures the spirit of that era, and we are extremely grateful to the British Motorcycle Charitable Trust for their support in helping MNH acquire the machine for the collection of the Isle of Man National Museum.”

The bike was owned by a private collector in the south of England and was acquired on behalf of Manx National Heritage by the British Motorcycle Charitable Trust.

Meanwhile, the new TT Gallery, which will retrace the history of the great races from 1907 to the present day, is expected to open next year.

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