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There is no particularly precise way to describe former British motorcycle rider Guy Martin. So eclectic that you just couldn’t enclose it or even label it appropriately. Better yet, Martin isn’t even trying to be a mystic or anything like that, he’s just himself. A strange minimalist, Martin doesn’t watch TV, and he once used an old Nokia just to save time wasted surfing the Internet on smartphones.

Born November 4, 1981 in Lincolnshire, England, Guy Martin’s father Ian worked as a truck mechanic, and he also raced motorcycles, participating in many Isle of Man TT events. Interestingly, Guy Martin’s mother, Rita Kidals, has a unique heritage, being the daughter of a Latvian political refugee. Extremely elated by danger, Guy Martin is an international road racing legend, a maverick star and a speed junkie. However, there is still a lot more to this enigmatic Briton with unique favorites.

Named in tribute to Guy Gibson


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Wing Commander Guy Penrose Gibson was a World War II Royal Air Force bomber pilot who flew over 170 war operations until his death in active service at just 26 years old.


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He led 617 Squadron in the 1943 “Dam Busters” daredevil raid that broke two massive dams in the German Ruhr area and won a Victoria Cross for his efforts. Therefore, Martin was named ‘Guy’ in honor of the incredible bomber pilot.

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Love charity


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Resources are not distributed evenly in our society today, therefore, charitable giving has become the norm. Illness, loss of livelihood, the death of a key family member and several other factors often contribute to this imbalance, but a few of the better-off have taken it upon themselves to make good these shortcomings through charitable organizations.


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For his part, Martin, through sales of his merchandise, has raised tens of thousands of pounds for Spinal Research.

Has a pub

marrow bone and cleaver

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Best known for his incredible motorcycle prowess, however, Martin is also a class act in selecting appropriate menus. He co-owns a pub called the Marrowbone & Cleaver, along with his partner, Sharon.


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Located in his hometown of Kirmington in north Lincolnshire, the pub was on the verge of bankruptcy before the speed star acquired it to revive the town which had previously lost a butcher, doctor’s office and a post office.

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Successful writer


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Incredibly, Martin used his formidable writing skills to launch a burgeoning writing career. In 2014, he published a book titled ‘My Autobiography’ – an intense self-written tale detailing the life of the international road racing legend with an emphasis on his constant search for the next breathtaking adventure.


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The book became a phenomenal Sunday Times bestseller. He also wrote “When You’re Dead You’re Dead”, “Worms to Catch” and “We Must Weaken the Mix”, all bestsellers with over a million copies sold.

He is a mechanic


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Martin has always been fascinated by motors, even as a young child. He is known to always play with lawn mowers in an attempt to make them go faster. Additionally, having always seen his father working on stuff, Martin developed a keen interest in engines and started playing with trucks at the age of 12.


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Martin’s local school encouraged a hands-on approach to study, but lacking a genuine interest in academics, he later enrolled as a truck mechanic at a Volvo center.

Hosts TV shows


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Anchoring TV shows is also one of Martin’s many strengths. Notably, his first screen appearance was in 2009 in an ITV4 program for fans of the TT Race of the Year. In 2011, Martin made his very first appearance in a television documentary through programs focused on his zeal for engineering rather than motorsport.

2011 'The boat Guy built'

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These programs are the 2011 “The Boat that Guy Built” which aired on the BBC in 2011 and “How Britain Worked” which aired on Channel 4 in 2012, among others.

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Has several speed records


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Extremely daring, there is never a task too difficult for Martin to attempt. With an unimpeachable state of mind, he attempted to break several speed records in many events.

Isle of Man TT

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Martin has several Guinness World Records which include the fastest speed on a gravity snow sled, the highest speed in a soapbox and the fastest tractor, having reached a top speed of 135,191 mph at Elvington Airfield, York, UK. He also holds the UK record for the fastest hovercraft.

Crashed countless times

Guy Martin

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Martin has had too many accidents to count. However, regardless of the severity of the accidents, it never stopped. Notably, in 2003, he broke his ankle while racing in the Southern 100 in the road racing series.


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Additionally, in 2010, Martin survived a 170 mph TT crash and was fortunate enough to be pulled out of the ensuing fireball alive, suffering from a broken back and ribs. Still, that wasn’t even enough to get him to resign, he left.

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