5 reasons to visit the Isle of Man

The idea of ​​waves crashing against rocks on a remote island seems quite astonishing after the events of last year. With travelers expected to come up with creative itineraries this summer, an island vacation shouldn’t be crossed from the books. Rather than heading to the crowded beaches of Ibiza or Mallorca, why not head to a smaller, less populated place? Surrounded by the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is located roughly equidistant between Great Britain and Ireland. Home to a decidedly rogue past, their fierce sense of independence and exotic marsupials, here are five reasons to visit this fascinating island.

  1. A unique blend of Celtic and Viking history. Due to its convenient location, the Isle of Man has welcomed a wide range of invaders and visitors. The Scandinavian pirates plundered and plundered the island until they realized that they really liked the area and that it was also of strategic importance. To strengthen the island’s defenses, huge fortresses have sprung up along the southern shores. Fortified by an octagonal-shaped limestone wall, Rushen Castle is one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe. Fit for a Nordic king in the 1200s, it served as a military garrison, prison, psychiatric establishment, administrative center and, finally, a museum dedicated to the city.
  2. He has a friendly independent streak that runs to his heart. When the Vikings installed a parliamentary-style government a millennium ago, little changed. The Isle of Man is not part of the United Kingdom, but rather a possession of the crown. It is governed autonomously with minimal oversight by the UK Home Office. Even the island’s flag pays homage to its independence. Three individual legs create a circular pattern with the meaning: “Whichever way you throw me, I’ll stand tall.” “
  3. Isle of Man TT. What started as a harmless time trial in 1907 has now grown into one of the world’s premier motorcycle events. The Isle of Man Trophy Tour (TT) is synonymous with a notoriously difficult course over 37 miles long. Spanning a week, the races take place on public roads through dangerous and windy mountain roads. Thrill seekers can see participants zooming in at speeds easily exceeding 200 mph. Although it has been canceled in the past two years, it is currently scheduled to run from late May to early June 2022.
  4. The great outdoors. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Isle of Man is a fantastic location for hiking, biking, bird watching and more. The tree-lined mountain trails offer shady trails to hike, and the windswept coastlines offer spectacular ocean views. With very little light pollution, there are 26 different Dark Sky locations on the island. On a clear night, you can gaze at the sky and gaze at the millions of stars across the darkened sky.
  5. One-of-a-kind exotic animals. While the island is home to a vast array of wildlife, including different species of birds, flocks of playful dolphins and other marine life, it is the bizarre marsupials in the wild that attract the most attention. . After escaping from a wildlife park in the northern part of the island in the late 1960s or early 1970s, two wallabies successfully hid from their captors. After decades of procreation, the Isle of Man is now home to over 100 wild wallabies, the largest colony in the northern hemisphere.

While it might not have the feel of a tropical island, the understated and often overlooked Isle of Man has plenty to keep you entertained and active.

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