3 things you said about the restoration of the Siddick Bridge

Readers shared their thoughts on the story of the successful completion of the Siddick Bridge.

The project – which began in November 2020 – was carried out by Carlisle-based Story Contracting with funding from Cumbria County Council, Network Rail and the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (CLEP), and will restore traffic to the two-way bridge.

The bridge provides key access to thousands of vehicles transporting 500,000 tonnes of cargo to and from Workington Harbor each year.

The momentous occasion was marked by the special opening of a road yesterday (June 7), with Cumbria County Council Chairman Councilor Tony Markley cutting the ribbon to officially declare one side of the bridge open – and a new secure footbridge for pedestrians.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” he said. “The opportunities that this bridge will provide for the port and the community, in terms of jobs, future development and even encouraging businesses to locate here, are fantastic, and I am very happy to see the work completed.

“It took many years to bring this project to fruition, and working so well with Story, CLEP and Network Rail was essential in making it happen.

Here is what you had to say.

John Mitchell sees the bright side: “I never understood why this is so important, but being aware of the facts I will admit it is a big day for western Cumbria, I hope to see ferries to the Isle of Man and Ireland in the future. ”

Ronald Smith is not so optimistic: “This is exactly what the city needs with better access to travelers, as well as dumpers.

“The money would have been better spent getting rid of the trash there, some of which has been there for years. Or just getting Allerdale to do its job of keeping it clean and suing those who don’t. . ”

Stuart Mortimer muses, “£ 4,000,000 for this, about four times the income I will earn in my lifetime, makes you wonder where the money is going? ”

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