10 reasons the Isle of Man TT is the biggest race on the planet


The Isle of Man TT is widely regarded as the most dangerous motorsport event in the world, having claimed 151 lives in its 114-year history. Held only once a year on the small island in the cold Irish Sea, with many years undone (including the pandemic this year and last year), that death toll actually equates to more than one death for each week of racing.

His worst year was 1970, when 6 runners lost their lives. Just taking part in the event is already a death-defying act. For crazy runners pushing harder and trying to win races, well, it takes on a different mindset.

Ultimate street race

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Since motorcycle racing is usually confined to race tracks, this is a rare opportunity for top professional riders to truly test themselves on a street circuit.

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It’s one of the few street circuits that has attracted MotoGP and SBK riders, it’s an experience like no other, with literally no margin for error.

Defying death

Isle of man

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Arguably more dangerous than illegal street racing, the danger here is at least limited to the guys on the bikes (for the most part).

Ian Lougher Isle of Man

Isle of Man TT

Reaching speeds of up to 200mph on narrow country roads it takes a totally unique skill set to get the most out of their machines on this course, with any sort of error biting the rider hard. This forces you to turn off pretty much the part of the brain that engages self-preservation.

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The most dangerous race in the world



At a time when safety has become a top priority (and rightly so) in motorsport around the world, this is one of those events where everyone turns a blind eye.

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Both riders and spectators are fully aware of the danger present, with most riders overly aware that every time they get on the bike it could be their last, having already lost a friend, relative or rival. . All in the name of speed.

Unmatched feeling of speed



If it’s so dangerous, why are they doing it? Simple, narrow roads and uneven levels add to a feeling of unparalleled speed.

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Doing 200mph on a track is fast, doing 200mph on a side road is mind-blowing, having trees, walls and street poles whistling at that speed makes it feel twice as fast and twice as dangerous, runners becoming too aware that any of these things will kill them in a toboggan.

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Incredible story


With over a hundred years of racing to look back on, there are more stories than anyone could ever tell.

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It has become something of a tradition and has also become a central part of the island’s culture, with the annual event contributing significantly to the local economy with fans from all over the world flocking to the island.

The oldest motorcycle race in the world

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With only a handful of motorsport events from the early years, it’s a tradition that the entire motorcycling community wants to preserve.



In the early years it was much shorter, with motorcycles racing the small 15 mile St John’s course, but by 1911 they were on the now infamous Snaefell Mountain Course, with manufacturers around the world testing their machines over the years.

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Sidecar race

Dave Molyneux

Isle of Man TT

No other event in the world puts sidecar racing at the forefront like the TT. It is a race that is held in high regard with the top runner being an inhabitant of the Isle of Man.

Dave Molyneux

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Dave Molyneux has 17 wins under his belt, in what is possibly the craziest class of an already insane event.

The bikes

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From Honda’s victory in its first race in 1961 to the incredible rise of electric motorcycles, the TT has seen it all.

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Although the motorcycles that race the TT circuit are programmed, they don’t look like the inaccessible machines we see in MotoGP. The bikes cyclists use on the TT are much closer to what you would see in SBK races, bikes modified to go fast but still handle the rigors of street racing.

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The knights

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As you can imagine, this kind of racing attracts a wide range of unusual characters. If anything, that’s what makes it more interesting.

John Mc Guinness

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In recent years, it was one man; John McGuinness. Now sitting on 23 race wins, he has longtime hero Joey Dunlop in his sights, and a helm injury will almost certainly eclipse him.

The stories

Joey dunlop


In a sport dominated by the Northern Irish who seem to have road racing in their blood, one family stands out above the rest. The Dunlop family achieved incredible glory but was marred by tragedy.

PACEMAKER, BELFAST, 20/2/2017: Michael Dunlop with the Bennetts Suzuki GSXR superbike at Mallory Park which he will race on the roads in 2017. PHOTO BY STEPHEN DAVISON

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Joey Dunlop is at the top of the TT winners list with 26 wins, but he died in the road race. His brother Robert, who died in road racing. Robert’s son, William, died in road racing. Michael, well, he won a road race just days after his father passed away, he also racked up 19 TT wins and sits 3rd on the all-time list. He also continued to chase after his brother’s death in 2018, suffice to say that for Michael it is about more than just running.

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